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Virentha Mendis Virentha Mendis, is a marketer. He has a keen interest in software and making it accessible to non-technical users.

HTML5 Article Index: Understanding the world of HTML5

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HTML5_Logo_256On a daily basis we work with HTML5 as its part of our PDF to HTML5 Converter and we’ve blogged about our adventures and so we’ve been reviewing our archives and found that we had lots of really useful and interesting articles on HTML5.

So with a good deal of articles available in our archives for references we felt that the HTML5 content deserved their own index!

We hope you enjoy them, and contact us if you have any suggestions.

HTML5 Conversion

In this section we cover PDF to HTML5 Conversion with ‘How to’s’, features, hints, tips and news.

PDF to HTML5 conversion

4 ways to convert PDF to HTML5

Online PDF to HTML5 conversion

Why we are planning to remove Canvas in our PDF to HTML5 Converter…

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Mapping PDF features onto HTML

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Embed an image in HTML5 with Base64 encoding

Why PDF to HTML conversion does not work very well

PDF to HTML5 conversion – 2 ways to display text in HTML

PDF to HTML5 conversion – How it works

Microsoft Word 2013 PDF Reflow vs PDF to HTML 5 Conversion

PDF to HTML5 conversion – video

Check if a PDF is valid using the HTML5 File API

JavaScript in PDF to HTML5 Conversion: Introduction

PDF to HTML5 conversion – PostScript font support

Convert PDF to HTML – a question of scale

PDF to HTML5 Conversion – Adding a navigation Bar to your HTML5 files

PDF to html5 conversion – Forms and Javascript

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Using chrome to enhance Text layout

PDF to HTML5 conversion – display issues with different browsers

PDF to HTML conversion – matching PDF page size

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Truetype fonts

PDF to HTML5 conversion – 2 ways to handle text content

Experiences with HTML5

In this section we have a range of articles that cover a variety of subjects relating to HTML5.

NetBeans & Project Easel for easy HTML5 debugging/

Problems with curves in HTML5 using Chrome

Why canvas is not a self closing HTML5 tag

How to draw SVG on HTML 5 Canvas and why you might want to

JavaFX, HTML5 and SVG talk – How good are they for display (and which one wins)?

Enhancing your PDF to HTML5 Converted Content

In this section we look at a feature a group of articles that give you a step by step tutorial guide on how to get the most our of your converted content.

Adding Annotations to Web Content with Annotator.js

Image Optimisation: What PNGQuant is and why you should use it.

Adding Fullscreen to WebApps using the Javascript API

Using Apache htaccess to password protect documents

Adding Google Analytics to Web Content

Guest Articles and their experience with HTML5

In this section we feature articles from guest authors and their experiences in the real world with HTML5.

PDF and PDF2HTML5: The Best of Both Worlds for Teachers

Other HTML5 Index’s

In this section we feature other Index’s that are related to HTML5/

Why convert PDF magazines to HTML5? – Series Index

Do you feel like there is something that we haven’t covered and would like to see us cover in the future? Leave us a comment and we will see what we can do!

Converting PDF/ Office Documents to HTML?

Convert PDF to HTML Find out why our customers use BuildVu for HTML conversion

Virentha Mendis Virentha Mendis, is a marketer. He has a keen interest in software and making it accessible to non-technical users.

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