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Mark Stephens Mark has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and is a big NetBeans fan. He enjoys speaking at conferences. He has an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading.

JavaOne Articles – Series Index

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JavaOne Series Index – Find all the coverage here!

JavaOne San Francisco is now in full flow…

Our team have been given orders to write up what they see (news, anything interesting, gossip, what it is really like to be here) to try and give you all the news and a real feel for the show. We will be adding articles to this page and updating during the show, so do remember to check back….

After 2017 JavaOne was renamed Oracle CodeOne, click in this link to find the article index for all of the blog posts written about it.

JavaOne 2017 General

Notes from NetBeans day at JavaOne 2017
My notes and pictures from Monday at JavaOne 2017
My notes and pictures from Tuesday at JavaOne 2017
My notes and pictures from Wednesday at JavaOne 2017
My notes and pictures from Thursday at JavaOne 2017
JavaOne2017 Java Keynote through pictures
JavaOne 2017 Developer Keynote through pictures
JavaOne 2017 Community Keynote through pictures

JavaOne 2016 General

3 things I will be doing in San Francisco before JavaOne
3 sessions I am looking forward to at JavaOne 2016
Creating plugins in the NetBeans IDE
JavaOne 2016 – Our Pictures from in and around JavaOne
My favourite 6 talks at the JavaOne conference
4 highlights from my first JavaOne conference
My 2 favourite talks I attended at JavaOne
NetBeans Day 2016 – First 2 sessions

JavaOne 2015 General

Want to know what it is like to be at JavaOne 2015? (JavaOne Videos)
JavaOne Keynote 2015
My key takeaways from NetBeans Day 2015

JavaOne 2014 General

JavaPDF Podcasts – JavaOne 2014 Special
Five Reasons to attend NetBeans Day 2014
My top 3 sessions that are worth seeing at JavaOne 2014
5 Talks to attend at JavaOne 2014
Try your hand at Minecraft Gaming (and Java Coding) in San Francisco (JavaOne 2014)
5 things to do ‘Now’ if you are at attending JavaOne 2014
5 reasons to go to JavaOne 2014 in San Francisco 2014
6 things IDRSolutions will be up to at JavaOne 2014
JavaOne NetBeans Party 2014
The next generation of coders gets down to hacking MineCraft in NetBeans at EPIK fun day
Hacking MineCraft in NetBeans talk at JavaOne 2014
JavaOne 2014 – Our Pictures and Experiences of being an exhibitor

JavaOne 2014 Technical Coverage

NetBeans Day at JavaOne 2014
My 6 key takeaways from JavaOne Technical keynote
JavaOne 2014 – My Day One 6 Key Takeaways
My Key takeaways from JavaOne Community Keynote

JavaOne 2013 Technical Coverage

JavaOne 2013 – Mark Reinhold explains Lambda in Java Technical keynote
3 Build Automation Tools Featured at JavaOne
JavaOne 2013 – Is Mac the top Java development platform?
JavaOne 2013 – 10 things you should know when writing Good Unit Test Cases in Java
JavaOne 2013 – NetBeans Day
6 Must Have IDE Plugins Featured at JavaOne
JavaOne 2013 – Technical Keynote

JavaOne 2013 General

My Top 10 takeaways from JavaOne 2013
Java PDF Podcasts SF – JavaOne 2013 Special
Java PDF Podcasts SF – Part two of a JavaOne 2013 Special
4 things to do this week if you are attending JavaOne 2013
6 things to do at JavaOne
Three Reasons to attend JavaOne San Francisco
JavaOne 2013 – Lessons Learned from Using GlassFish with NetBeans

JavaOne 2013: A First Timer’s guide to JavaOne 2013

JavaOne 2013: A First Timer at JavaOne (day zero & one)
JavaOne 2013 First Timer: 3 exciting developments I learnt about in the Technical keynote
Experiences of being an Exhibitor and watching talks at JavaOne 2013

Archives: JavaOne 2012

What is it really like to visit Silicon valley?
5 key things I learnt at Javaone2012
Nashorn Progress at JavaOne 2012
Jimmy Cliff rocks JavaOne 2012
JavaFX at JavaOne 2012 – Oracle have been busy
Highlights from JavaOne 2012 Day 0 – Sunday
Mark Reinhold shows Raspberry Pi in JavaOne 2012 keynote
A simple Glassfish example in NetBeans – a little teaser for our Glassfish talk at JavaOne 2012
Interesting JavaOne PDF plugin for NetBeans
Talks on NetBeans (and related technologies) at JavaOne2012
Find out about JavaFX and NetBeans at our JavaOne 2012 talk (BOF3332)
NetBeans day at JavaOne 2012
GlassFish unconference at JavaOne 2012?
What will you be learning about at Javaone 2012?

PDF talk at Javaone
2 more reasons to submit a talk for Javaone 2012 (today!)
3 reasons to submit a talk for Javaone 2012?

Archives: JavaOne 2011

Comparing Devoxx and Javaone – five things which struck me
Javaone2011: 3 small suggestions for Javaone2012

Javaone2011 – 3 things missing from JavaFX

Javaone2011 – Java on Mac and IPad

Javaone2011- Highlights from the first day

Javaone2011 – First impressions of the Show

Things to see at Javaone 2011 – Live recording of Java Spotlight podcast

Things to see at Javaone 2011 – Glassfish unconference

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Mark Stephens Mark has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and is a big NetBeans fan. He enjoys speaking at conferences. He has an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading.

Dawscon 2020 Software Conference in Pictures

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DevFest 2019 in Pictures

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