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Interesting PDF Bugs – Series Article Index

While browsing our blog and categorizing our posts I noticed there was generally a lot of articles that covered Interesting PDF bugs and thought...
Alex Marshall
1 min read

Interesting PDF bugs – Nasty Java JVM bug (revisited)

Here at IDRSolutions, one of the features of our JPedal library is a PDF to image converter. Occasionally we get bug reports from our...
Bethan Palmer
1 min read

Interesting PDF bugs – How wrong can the references…

I have been looking at a customer PDF file today which highlights how ‘elastic’ the PDF file specification can be…. In theory, all objects...
Mark Stephens
1 min read

Interesting PDF bugs – ‘Phantom’ PDF objects

I have been looking at some Annotation issues and came across an interesting feature in a sample PDF file. I viewed it in Acrobat’s...
Mark Stephens
37 sec read

Interesting PDF bugs – Pointless font inclusion

We get to see lots of ‘interesting‘ PDF files in developing a Java PDF library to handle PDF files… Today’s example comes from a...
Mark Stephens
55 sec read