Chris Wade Chris developed much of the Forms handling code and also the hooks for the XFA.


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Understanding PDF forms – AcroForms structure

This is the fourth part of the Understanding the PDF forms series, and in this article, we start to explore the AcroForms Forms Data...
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Understanding PDF Forms – introduction to XFA Forms

In this article I aim to provide an general introduction to XFA forms, the XML Forms Architecture, and how the data is stored in...
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Understanding PDF forms – introduction to AcroForms

In this article, I will give you a brief overview of the Form types you can find inside a PDF containing AcroForms. The data...
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Understanding PDF forms – introduction to PDF forms

Have you ever seen a PDF file with interactive buttons, text, or links? This is one of my favourite features on the PDF file...
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Writing cleaner Java code with eclipse

It is always helpful when a tool encourages you to write ‘good code’. Eclipse has some excellent plugins like PMD and FindBugs for analysing...
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