Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions


29 Stories by Sophia Howard

How to rebrand a product logo

Recently IDRsolutions have undergone a branding transformation for the first time since 1999. Late 2017 we had internally decided as a team that we wanted...
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Companies we admire that work remotely

In 2017 it is much easier for companies to be able to have a fully flexible and remote team. Technology has evolved in such...
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Business of Software (BoS) – Day 1

Today marks the beginning of the Business of Software conference in Boston. This is the 11th year that the conference has been running in...
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A comparison of 3 online Help Desks

A comparison of three Help Desks This year at IDRsolutions we had decided that we wanted to improve our sales operation and the way...
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Key take aways from the Business of Software Conference(BoS) London 2017

Each year Mark Littlewood and his team put together two Business of Software conferences. One which is hosted in Boston, and one which is...
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