Daniel When not delving into obscure PDF or Java bugs, Daniel is exploring the new features in JavaFX.

Branding an Eclipse Plugin

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I had my PDF plugin, feature and site project but I wanted to be able to brand a plugin in Eclipse, I only had one so I did not want to make another plugin just to brand it.  I hunted around for how to do it, I even looked in a book!  Anyway, I found it a bit (lot) of a hassle so I wrote this.  I’m using Eclipse Helios.

1.  First thing, if you already have exisiting feature and site projects is to increase the version number of your plugin otherwise you will be banging your head up against a brick wall later when eclipse refuses to acknowledge your beautiful branding logo.

2. Right click on plugin project

2. Select New -> File.  Call it about.ini

3. You’ve got to have at least these two entries in about.ini.  They will be displayed in the About Eclipse dialog box.

aboutText=My amazing branding skills

4. Drag and drop your 32*32 pixel image (ie jpedal.png) into the root of your project.

5. Go to the Build tab in the plugin.xml file.  Check in your about.ini and the image in the Binary Build section.

6. Go to the Overview in your Feature project and choose your plugin with the Branding Plug-in selection field.

7. Go to your Update Site Project and open the site.xml file then synchronise and build your plugins.

Hopefully, this should work.  Annoyingly it seeems you have to actually install your plugin to see your branding in action.  I don’t know if I’ve made this more difficult that it actually is so If anyone has any tips (that you’ve actually used) please feel free to spill the beans!

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Daniel When not delving into obscure PDF or Java bugs, Daniel is exploring the new features in JavaFX.

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