George Perry George is a Java Developer. He is also fluent in Spanish and has an interest in Software programming and games.

PDF Conversion Clinic: Replacing a Single Page

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If you’ve converted your PDF files to HTML5 using our online converter, you may find that you’ll want to alter one of the pages. It could be that you’ve found a spelling mistake, it doesn’t have the right image and you want to change it or you’ve simply come up with something better for that page and want to replace it.

In this article, I will show you how I would go about replacing or changing a page that has been converted to HTML5 on our online converter.

Supposing I have converted this PDF file:


But then on the first page I realize that there is a mistake underneath the cat’s picture where it says “Cat Dissaproves of Cereal”, it should really say “Cat Disapproves of Cereal”.


So I make a PDF file with the fixed version of that page and now I convert it and want to just replace that single page.


After it has been converted I download it as a zip file:


If I only want to replace a single page or a range of pages I don’t have to convert the whole PDF document again, I can just convert the range of pages I need replacing:


If the only thing I have changed is the image I just have to copy over and overwrite the image file in the folder created for that page:


If I have changed some of the text then I will need to copy over and overwrite the HTML file for that page. Note that if you have chosen the ‘Selectable Image’ Text Mode then the text will be displayed as an image with invisible text on top for selection, so if the text has changed you would need to replace both the image and the HTML file for that page:


Now I have a HTML5 version of the PDF document with the fixes applied and I have only replaced the pages that were affected.


I hope you found this PDF Conversion Clinic useful, let us know what you’d like to see covered in the Conversion Clinic in the future!

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George Perry George is a Java Developer. He is also fluent in Spanish and has an interest in Software programming and games.

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