Virentha Mendis Virentha Mendis, is a marketer. He has a keen interest in software and making it accessible to non-technical users.

Fonts Articles Index: Understanding Fonts

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frame_fonts21Having spent a good long amount of time working with fonts we have been blogging about our experiences with fonts.

We thought that with a good deal of articles available in our archives we felt that Fonts deserved their own index!

We hope you enjoy them, and contact us if you have any suggestions.

A Guide to all to all Font related

In this section we cover all thing related to Font, from HTML5 & SVG Font support, conversions, Font in PDF’s, Java, useful tools, bugs and understanding fonts in the PDF file format better.

Introductory articles

What is font hinting? The basics explained.

Are there really 3 types of fonts in PDF files?

Mapping Glyfs from PDF in HTML5 and SVG


Fonts and HTML

HTML5 and SVG font support (or 3 reasons to use WOFF)

Cleaning up our HTML5 Output – Text Spacing adjustment without JavaScript

PDF to HTML5 – choosing the best fontsize

Font Conversion for PDF2HTML – dotsection

PDF to HTML5 – choosing the best fontsize

PDF to HTML5 conversion – PostScript font support

PDF to HTML5 conversion – non-standard glyfs

PDF to HTML5 conversion – position accuracy

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Using chrome to enhance Text layout

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Truetype fonts

Custom HTML Font Mapping in PDF to HTML conversion

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Text and fonts (Part 1)

PDF to HTML5 conversion – Text and fonts (Part 2)

How to use Type 1 fonts on the Web



Using OS X’s font validator

Useful Truetype/Opentype font tool

6 tools for making fonts work in browsers


Opinion articles

Size does Matter

Should Type 3 Font support be dropped from the PDF Specification?


Technical articles

How we Regression Test updates to our PDF to HTML 5 Converter

Table order in OTF fonts

Interesting Java bugs – Not all TTF fonts work in Java

TrueType Hinting – Big Screens for Small Details

Are your Truetype CMAP tables lying to you?

Mystery of the PDF file and the missing Euro Character

Understanding the PDF file Format – Custom font encodings

Problems caused by Arial font in PDF files

Problems you can meet in implementing a PDF library – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in a Font

Understanding the PDF file Format – What are CID fonts

PDF text extraction – Why can I not extract text from this PDF file?

Be careful with your PDF fonts

PDF with odd Type3 fonts in Ghostscript 8.50

Why are CID fonts far more complicated than non-CID fonts

Interesting PDF bugs – Dealing with three type of fonts


Do you feel like there is something that we haven’t covered and would like to see us cover in the future? Leave us a comment and we will see what we can do!

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Virentha Mendis Virentha Mendis, is a marketer. He has a keen interest in software and making it accessible to non-technical users.

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