Nathan Howard Nathan is a Java/HTML5 developer. Nathan also enjoys writing technical blog-articles and playing games in his spare time.

AppsWorld 2013 – My Takeaways

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I recently attended AppsWorld with Sophia Matarazzo (an App Developer at UltraIT) which has been running every year for the past 4 years. And this years exhibition was the biggest, with over 250 exhibitors and over 8000 attendee’s it’s a sure sign that the App market is exponentially growing.

The great thing about AppsWorld is that it gives companies in the Apps market to showcase their products and also to make new contacts. Not only this but it is also a fantastic networking opportunity! You can socialize with some of the pioneering developers in the industry. It is also educational as you can easily spot what the hot market is at the moment. From what I could evaluate, in order of hotness (red being the hottest), these are the main areas of market growth at the moment :

Monetization and Analytic Tools


The main exhibits at AppsWorld 2013 seemed to focus on the monetization and marketing tools, this may because none of the top 3 mobile operating system natively support a decent range of analytic tools, so it is down to App developers to integrate these tools into their own Apps. Managing your analytics is incredibly important as it gives you vital statistics that can help you target your apps to the right people for maximum downloads.

Social Integration & Push Notification Services :


Another hot area is Push Notification Services, there are a lot of companies popping up that allow you to make use of their push notification servers. Push is very effective in cutting through the noise and getting useful information in the hands of the people that need it. If you’re a small-player in the App development world then using a third-party for your push notifications is probably the best way to go about it as many third-party’s not only provide a push-notification service but also throw a bunch of other goodies into the bundle such as monetization tools, social integration and algorithms that allow you to send tailored push notifications to a specific target audience.

Cross-framework Apps and SDK’s :


As the old saying goes “time is money”, the need for rapid app turn-around is ever increasing. As more companies are buying app development services to push and market their products on mobile devices it puts pressure on App development companies to provide cross-platform support, without this you may find your idea swallowed up by the competition. This has created a large demand for SDK’s and frameworks that allow you to “convert” your Apps to another platform (i.e IOS to Android), why waste money and time developing an app for every platform when you can develop for one platform and use a piece of kit that will do the nitty gritty cross-development for you? An example of this is the BBC’s News App which is mostly HTML.

Games :


With an ever growing demand for gaming on the go, mobile gaming is booming. This has created a massive demand for Apps that can provide a few quick bursts of entertainment for less than a few dollars. With more and more games entering the market it means competition is high and many developers have resorted to offering their games for free with built in micro-transaction that can give you an in-game boost. Micro-transactions seems to be a common trend among indie games as it offers them a chance to compete against some of the bigger titles which offer staggering 3D gameplay and graphics in exchange for afew dollar.

Debug and Testing :


With a growing demand for bug-free apps, quality control and effective testing is becoming more and more important. To ensure quality testing it is often easier and less time consuming for a small-scale developer to hire a third-party testing company to test their apps for them. Considering the App development market is expanding it means there are many small-scale companies emerging and many of these are resorting to third parties to test their apps for them, there are many apps emerging that test apps! It’s interesting to see Apps that generate apps, Apps that test apps. So not only are apps now being developed for the consumer but also for the developer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you an idea of the emerging hot markets to expand into, and if none of that then at least took away something you did not know. Why not check out our PDF to Android converter which will convert your PDF’s into an Android App!

Special Thanks To:

Ana Patrícia for sharing her new game Boneco Louco which is to be released in February 2014.

Apportable  for giving a great demo and a guide to AppsWorld 2013.

FileApp for a great product and demo of their software, which I now use on a daily basis.

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Nathan Howard Nathan is a Java/HTML5 developer. Nathan also enjoys writing technical blog-articles and playing games in his spare time.

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