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The Definitive list – Run-Deploy-Stop all the major Java Application Servers

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ServersLast time I talked about choosing a Java application server. This time I will be looking at Run-Deploy-Stop commands.

As a JavaEE developer who is constantly mobile between different Application servers I ended up compiling my own quick help list with all the options listed for easy reference. I hope you find it useful too…


Starting and stopping Glassfish4 server

START :   glassfish4/bin/asadamin start-domain domain1
STOP :   glassfish4/bin/asadamin stop-domain domain1
Deploy War: glassfish4/bin/asadmin deploy warfiledirectory/hello.war

Default Admin Port Number : 4848
Default Port Number : 8080

To change https port to 9999

asadmin set server.http-service.http-listener.http-listener-2.port=9999

Oracle Weblogic 

1. You need to create domain before starting the server; more information on creating domain can be found at

2. Change to the directory in which you located the domain and run the script
On windows: bin\startWebLogic.cmd
On Linux: bin/

On windows: bin\stopWeblogic.cmd
On Linux: bin/

Java weblogic.Deployer –adminurl t3://localhost:7001 –username admin –password 123456  -name app –source /directory/helloworld.war –targets AdminServer –deploy


By default run script in linux and run.bat on windows

On linux you can use command to shutdown the server

if you are using JBoss 7.1.1 you need to place your war file inside standalone\deployments folder and restart the server.

in previous releases use server\default\deploy folder for war placements

To change the port number in jBoss

Default Port Number : 8080

locate standalon xml file jboss/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml ; find
<socket-binding-group> , <socket-binding> and alter the values.

Apache Tomcat Server

On UNIX: bin/startup
On Win32: bin\startup

On UNIX: bin/shutdown
On Win32: bin\shutdown

Deploy War
Deploying the war file is handled automatically by the server software; so put your war file in webapps and then restart your server.

To change the port Number

Default Port Number : 8084 or 8080

Locate server.xml in \conf\ folder, search for <Connector  tag and alter the port attribute to desired port number

IBM WebSphere


On windows: Web Application Server Profile root\bin\startServer.bat
On Linux: Web Application Server Profile root/bin/

On windows: Web Application Server Profile root\bin\stopServer.bat WebSphere_Portal -user admin_userid -password admin_password
On Linux: Web Application Server Profile root/bin/ WebSphere_Portal -user admin_userid -password admin_password

Default Admin Port Number : 9060
Default Port Number : 9080

Hopefully you’ve found this useful, please share your thoughts we can expand the list to fulfill your suggestions. 

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suda Senior Java EE Develope specialises in Pdf forms , Fonts, application servers and Image manipulation, meditates in spare time.

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