Simon Lissack Simon Lissack is a developer at IDR Solutions, working on JavaFX, Android and the Cloud Conversion service.

My Five Favourite NetBeans Features

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For a while now, NetBeans has been my IDE of choice when working on various projects. Here’s a run down of my five favourite NetBeans features.

1. Web out of the box

NetBeans comes with html and Javascript support from the get go, without the need to install external plugins. Combined with NetBeans connector for Chrome, you can effortlessly see changes made to your web page as you’re typing or inspect elements and modify them, changing them in the source code as well.


2. Mercurial

Mercurial is IDR Solutions version control of choice and as such it’s great to have an IDE which supports it. NetBeans shows you changes made on each line as well as offering a a very nice graphical diff view, showing the original file and the changed file side by side.


3. Search Features

NetBeans has a lot of search features. The one I probably use the most is “find usages” which allows you to search where a class or variable is used within the code. There are also many options to allow you to limit or expand the scope of the search.


4. Java Application Servers

NetBeans has support for most of the Java application servers which are used today. I personally use Glassfish and have found that the tight integration it has with the IDE is invaluable for debugging various issues thanks to the being able to see the Glassfish logs in real time. When running a Web Application from NetBeans you can instantly redeploy whenever you make a change to the code and the whole process is seamless.


5. Customisable Hints and Warnings

On top of the error warnings you would expect from any IDE worth it’s salt, NetBeans has a wide array of hints to help you out in everyday coding, from the trivial (missing @param in Javadoc) to the potentially problematic issues (like attempting to dereference a possible null pointer). You can also choose which ones you want and which ones to disable.


This post is part of our “NetBeans article Index” series. In these articles, we aim to explore NetBeans in different ways, from useful hint and tips, to our how-to’s, experiences and usage of the NetBeans IDE.

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Simon Lissack Simon Lissack is a developer at IDR Solutions, working on JavaFX, Android and the Cloud Conversion service.

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