Sophia Matarazzo Sophia is a part of the Marketing and Sales team at IDRSolutions.

My Views on Female Programmers in the IT Industry

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Female Programmers in the IT Industry

This month it is Women’s History Month, which is an ideal opportunity for IDR Solutions, I am the only female developer, we have all recently been working on our JavaFX PDF Viewer  and NetBeans plugin.

Recently, a friend and I attended an App Development Conference in London, as it was my first conference I was looking forward to the opportunity to network and get to know what’s currently hot in the App Market.

After a few hours at the conference I started to notice a pattern, each time I approached a company and started to ask questions about what they did and the software they used I was given a Marketing pitch full of Marketing spewl with a near total lack of technical jargon. However, when my friend (who is male) approached anyone they would answer his questions with a more technical approach full of technical industry keywords.

I’m sure there was no deliberate intention of stereotyping, however there was a pattern emerging where I would be presented with a more “Business and Marketing” angle whilst my friend was presented with a more “Technical and Development” angle (although this may have been down to his shoes).

While carrying out my research I found out that according to statistics Women comprise 34% of web developers; 23% of programmers; 37% of database administrators; 20% of software developers; and 15% of information security analysts. (Department of Labor Current Population Survey, 2012).

There are many different females from within the software developer industry that you may or may not of heard of:

Brina Lee

Brina Lee was the first female Engineer for Instagram. She wrote a interesting blog article about her journey you can read it here. I found it interesting how she mentioned that Women today represent only 13% of all computer scientist Graduates.

Image Of Brina Lee
Brina Lee

Ruchi Sanghvi

Ruchi Sanghvi was the first female Engineer for Facebook, although she left Facebook in 2011. however Ruchi is now the Vice President of Operations at Dropbox, managing product, marketing, communications and other functions.

Ruchi Sanghvi
Ruchi Sanghvi

Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer was the first female Engineer for Google in 1999, Marissa graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B.S. in symbolic systems and an M.S. in computer science. She is  currently the President and CEO of Yahoo.

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer

I love what I do and I would encourage any one who feels passionate about Programming to get involved and take on board, that although that the industry  is currently dominated by males there is also some equally intelligent female software developers out there in the industry too.

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Sophia Matarazzo Sophia is a part of the Marketing and Sales team at IDRSolutions.

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