Ernest Duodu Ernest is a Java developer. Outside programming, he also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies which includes sky-diving, photography, exercising and listening to music.

5 talks to Attend at JavaOne 2014

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JavaOne 2014 back in San Francisco
JavaOne 2014 is back in San Francisco!

I can’t wait to attend my first JavaOne as it is the biggest Java conference on the planet. As a Java programmer, I am very excited about how Oracle attracts not only the biggest but also the brightest minds in the Java world to co-operate and share their dreams for the future. This is not only my first time attending JavaOne, but also I will be doing a talk with my colleague Sylwia about the NetBeans platform and JavaFX, as well as helping out at the IDRSolutions stand (#5714).

Our talk will encompass the extensive use of the NetBeans platform to show the capabilities of it for developing a quick RCP application and how JavaFX is a major advance on Swing.

I have gone through the content catalog and there are 5 talks I am particularly keen to attend as I think every Java developer will find them very useful. I will be listing these talks in no specific order.


Preventing Errors Before They Happen [TUT2161]

“Are you tired of null pointer exceptions, unintended side effects, SQL injections, concurrency errors, mistaken equality tests, and other runtime errors? Are your users tired of them in your code? This presentation shows you how to guarantee, at compile time, that these runtime exceptions cannot occur. You have nothing to lose but your bugs!”

  • Professor Michael Ernst (University Of Waterloo)
  • Assistant Professor Werner Dietl (University Of Waterloo)


Swing Away! Move to JavaFX 8 and the NetBeans Platform [TUT2372]

“The NetBeans platform is known for its comprehensive window framework and loosely coupled architecture. JavaFX offers a rich set of visually appealing GUI components. This tutorial shows you how to combine both technologies to enhance the user experience in desktop client applications. It begins with an overview of JavaFX 8 and the NetBeans platform. After migrating a standalone Swing GUI program to the NetBeans platform, you’ll learn how to use JavaFX and FXML to enhance the user experience. The tutorial also shows you how to make JavaFX, Java 8, and Swing work together to create a rich responsive UI while leveraging Scene Builder to enhance the workflow process.”

  • Gail Anderson – Director of Research
  • Paul Anderson President from Anderson Software Group, Inc.


Meet the NetBeans Community, with Boeing, Jelastic, JRebel, Vaadin, and More [UGF8871]

“The NetBeans community is large. Companies and individual developers around the world support their technologies by creating new tools in the NetBeans IDE. In this session, meet NetBeans users from around the world who will demonstrate how they are developing code with NetBeans, how they have enriched NetBeans with new features, and how you can be involved in their projects. The speakers include developers working on NetBeans at Boeing, Jelastic, JRebel, and Vaadin.”

  • Zoran Sevarac – Assistant Professor,Faculty Of Organisational Science
  • Bruce Shimel – Architect / Developer, The Boeing Conpany
  • Matti Tahvonen – Developer advocate, Vaadin Ltd
  • Ruslan Synytskyy – CTO, Jelastic
  • Anton Arhipov – Product Manager, Zero Turnaround


Debugging and Profiling Robots with James Gosling [CON6699]

“James Gosling recently stated that “being able to debug and profile robots out at sea is a truly life-altering experience.” He uses a set of tools—consisting of editors, debuggers, and profilers—that are part of the NetBeans IDE. In this session, Gosling and other speakers introduce you to these tools and show you how easily and quickly you can program and interact with devices via Java tools. Come see how well integrated embedded devices are with the Java ecosystem.”

  • Geertjan Wielenga – Principal Product Manager, Oracle
  • Mark Hecker – Principal Advance Software Engineer, Oracle
  • José Pereda – Structural Engineer, Universidad de Valladolid
  • James Gosling – Chief Software Architect, Liquid Robotics
  • Jens Deters – Senior Software Developer,


NASA Mission Software Development on the Eights: Java 8, JavaFX 8, and NetBeans 8 [CON1994]

“The latest Java and JavaFX technologies are very attractive software platforms for customers involved in space mission operations such as those of NASA and the US Air Force. The moderator of the panel in this session will ask each member to provide a minipresentation followed by a live demonstration of space mission support software. He will then lead each panel member through a discussion of how the Java and JavaFX 8 platform and NetBeans 8 tooling have provided value directly to developers and customers.”

  • Sean Henely – Systems Engineer, Ai Solutions, Inc.
  • Keith Chapman – Project Engineer, a.i. sol
  • Sean Phillips – Senior Software Engineer, Ai Solutions Inc
  • Nick Sabey – Senior Systems Engineer, a.i. solutions, Inc.


So these are the 5 talks I am most looking forward to. While in San Francisco, I will be posting blogs about other talks I attend so feel free to check on the updates if you’re not attending the conference this year.

We will be attending and Exhibiting at JavaOne 2014. You can find us at Stand 5714 (our friends from IText are next door so lots of PDF experts available) .Why not drop by and see what we are showing and to say hi to all of us!

If you want more information on JavaOne 2014 and further coverage of the entire event check out our JavaOne Series Index, which covers everything that is happening and is constantly updated, keep checking back for new info!

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Ernest Duodu Ernest is a Java developer. Outside programming, he also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies which includes sky-diving, photography, exercising and listening to music.

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