Sylwia Dorota Kedzia Sylwia is a Java developer. She is very passionate about programming and all things Polish.

My top 3 sessions that are worth seeing at JavaOne 2014

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javaone-san-francisco-2013-servlet-31-jsr-340-1-638Working for IDR Solutions and being part of the software development team has given me the opportunity of going to and being a speaker at JavaOne 2014 conference held in San Francisco, California. I cannot hide my excitement as Java One is the biggest event of the year where all the great minds meet and all the big announcements happen. Currently there are 540 sessions on a variety of topics, presented by over 600 speakers. I am so proud to be one of them.In this blog article I will write about the 3 sessions that in my opinion are worth seeing at this year’s JavaOne conference. So here they are:

1. Productive JavaFX 8 [CON2265]

“JavaFX is included with JDK 1.8, supports CSS 3 skinning and data binding, and comes with a WYSIWYG editor: the Scene Builder. In this session, a Model-View-Presenter/Model-View-ViewModel architecture heavily influenced by convention over configuration, inversion of control (Scene Builder), CSS, and data binding are presented in a working code example with a focus on productivity and maintainability. The presentation also discusses integration with REST services, WebSocket, Java EE 7, and combination with Java 8 features such as lambdas and Nashorn.”

  • Adam Bien – Javanese, Adam Bien

At IDRsolutions I have been busy working with JavaFX that is why I am especially looking to seeing sessions related to this topic. I am willing to explore every aspect of Java FX and in my opinion the above session will help me to do so.

2. Create the Game 2048 with Java 8 and JavaFX [HOL3244]

“By developing the famous game 2048 with JavaFX and Java 8 in this hands-on lab session, you will encounter several new language features such as Stream API, lambda expressions, and new util classes and methods. You will also learn basic concepts of JavaFX 2-D animations, parallel processing, UI design, CSS styling, and more.”

  • Bruno Borges – Principal Product Manager, Oracle
  • Jose Pereda – Structural Engineer, University de Valladolid

I am very keen about the above session as it seems to be very interesting. It is hands-on lab where each person whom go for this session will actually sit in front of the computer and follow the tutorial. I think that these types of sessions are not only the best way of learning but also fun.
All the lab material is delivered by professionals in this field who are ready to assist and answer questions.

3. NASA Mission Software Development on the Eights: Java 8, JavaFX 8, and NetBeans 8 [CON1994]

“The latest Java and JavaFX technologies are very attractive software platforms for customers involved in space mission operations such as those of NASA and the US Air Force. The moderator of the panel in this session will ask each member to provide a mini-presentation followed by a live demonstration of space mission support software. He will then lead each panel member through a discussion of how the Java and JavaFX 8 platform and NetBeans 8 tooling have provided value directly to developers and customers. “

  • Sean Henely – Systems Engineer, Ai Solutions, Inc.
  • Keith Chapman – Project Engineer, a.i. sol
  • Sean Phillips – Senior Software Engineer, Ai Solutions Inc
  • Nick Sabey – Senior Systems Engineer, a.i. solutions, Inc.

In my opinion the above session can open a door in my imagination and for all the possibilities that are available with the software that I already know and use every day. I really want to find out what NASA is doing with Java, JavaFX and NetBeans.

So those are the top 3 sessions that in my opinion are worth seeing at this year’s JavaOne conference. I hope that you find my opinion useful, and keep checking our blog as there will be more articles and updates from JavaOne.

If you want more information on JavaOne 2014 and further coverage of the entire event check out our JavaOne Series Index, which covers everything that is happening and is constantly updated, keep checking back for new info!

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Sylwia Dorota Kedzia Sylwia is a Java developer. She is very passionate about programming and all things Polish.

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  1. Javafx? Seriously? After the never ending torrent of browser-side security holes, isnt this technology hopelessly dead today?

    1. JavaFX allows you to write RCPs so you could totally avoid the browser and works very well on embedded devices. Security was a big topic at the conference in general and how Oracle is working to improve it. The number of attempts to hack the platform is surely an indication of its popularity. All solutions have potential holes (recent SSH issue, Mac reddit botnet last week).

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