Ernest Duodu Ernest is a Java developer. Outside programming, he also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies which includes sky-diving, photography, exercising and listening to music.

My First 3 Days overview of JavaOne 2014

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This year’s JavaOne is my first time attending a conference on a vast scale. I have attended many conferences in the UK but none of them were as big compared to JavaOne. Further more it’s not only my first time attending a conference outside the UK, but I am also Speaking and Exhibiting at the conference (we are exhibiting at stand 5714 next to our friends from IText)


Our Stand is ready
Our Stand before the rush…


There seems to be a whole lot to do out here ie networking, attending other speaking and hands on practical sessions, getting to know what’s new in java and so on…

To kick off JavaOne, I had the opportunity to attend the NetBeans party, which was really good as I had the change to network with other people using NetBeans.


Party time!!
Party time!!


We at IDRSolutions uses the NetBeans IDE extensively for developing, testing /debugging and also deploying our code so it was particularly good as I had a chance to meet other users whom share the same interest and passion about the NetBeans IDE and not to mention, My talk is about the NetBeans Platform. I also got the chance to meet Geertjan Wielenga who is the Product Manager for NetBeans. You can find more about the NetBeans party here.

The conference kicked off on the Sunday 28th. To attend various talks and keynotes and also to exhibit at the conference, It was essential to register as an exhibitor and also register for the Oracle Openworld.

The first session I attended was about the enhancement of the Java 8 language where the guys talked about Lambda Expressions, Method Referencing and Default methods. Thank God for lambda expressions, as it is a great feature in Java 8, which allows you to do more complicated stuff in Java with less code. I will specifically write an article on this.

Then the big Java Strategy and Technical Keynote kicked off later in the afternoon. This was particularly great as I got to hear what Oracle emphasised on the strategy and roadmaps, technical insight and innovations by the global Java community.


JavaOne 2014 Keynote


I also attended some interesting talks such as James Gosling, Robots, the Raspberry PI, and small Devices where he streamed live graphic from a robot deployed on sea to a desktop app using NetBeans and Java EE.


Lots of talks of Interest


Another interesting talk I attended was Preventing Errors before they Happen by Assistant Professor Werner Dietl where he also talked about he checker framework and how it enhances Java’s type system to make it more powerful and useful. You can find more here.

I also gave talk with my colleague Sylwia where we talked about the Netbeans platform and JavaFx. You can download our slides here.

Hopefully you will have enjoyed our coverage of JavaOne, was there anything specific that stood out for you?

Next time I’ll be explaining the lambda expression in depth.

If you want more information on JavaOne 2014 and further coverage of the entire event check out our JavaOne Series Index, which covers everything that is happening and is constantly updated, keep checking back for new info!

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Ernest Duodu Ernest is a Java developer. Outside programming, he also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies which includes sky-diving, photography, exercising and listening to music.

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