Sylwia Dorota Kedzia Sylwia is a Java developer. She is very passionate about programming and all things Polish.

My top 5 online resources for learning how to program in Java for free

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Nowadays there are many resources online that offer courses and tutorials to learn how to program. However there are not many that teach you how to program in Java, therefore in this article I am going to focus on those resources that offers lessons on how to program in Java.

Screenshot007Home & Learn: Free Java course
Home & Learn offers an excellent free Java course for beginners. This website is full of information starting from how to set up NetBeans IDE to Methods, Classes, Arrays, Databases and Java Forms. This tutorial consists of 13 chapters and is an excellent starting point for any one who wants to begin their adventure with Java. The topics are well explained and easy to follow.

Screenshot008      Oracle
Oracle website is a place where beginners as well as experienced Java programmers can refer to. This website consists of all the information about Java Swing, JavaFX, Java SE, Java EE and Java ME. It is a great starting point as well as point of reference in any part of your journey with Java. The topics are fully and very well explained with an variety of examples. Every topic contains questions and exercises so you can test yourself.

Screenshot009Learn Java
Learn Java is an easy to follow tutorial consisting of 16 chapters. It teaches you the basics and each chapter is followed by an exercise. It is a good starting point for beginner programmers. Learn Java also offers other courses such as: JavaScript, Python, PHP, shell, C, and C#. However this website is still a work in progress and many chapters are under construction.

For those who prefer audio tutorials YouTube is a good place to visit. There you can find hundreds of tutorials created by tutors, programmers, students and individuals keen in Java. There are series of lessons that you can follow or just search for specific topics. I am sure you that you will find lots of information there too.

In addition to your learning there are many free java books online waiting to be downloaded in PDF format. The variety of books ranges from beginners to advanced level of experience as well as from an overall look at Java to a specific topic.

So those above are my top 5 online resouces that will teach you Java for free. There are also other places that you can visit such as or that offers Java audio tutorials and many other courses for a monthly fee.

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Sylwia Dorota Kedzia Sylwia is a Java developer. She is very passionate about programming and all things Polish.

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  1. Yes !! These were really good for learning all programming concepts. and especially youtube is even more better i suggest, because we can even learn them by listening in any language which we feel comfortable.

  2. OK nice to know that JavaFX is now being taking serious by some people/organizations. I have gotten the opportunity to teach some first time programmers Java and i was thinking of using the JavaFX framework as the GUI tool for them because it seem very easy and understandable. But on my own want to know if you are available to be contacted for help whiles working on any JavaFX project myself because it really hasnt been embraced well by the java community? Oh!!! waiting for the JavaFX version of the DialogBox though…. : )

  3. These were decent to learn all programming ideas. also, particularly youtube is much all the more better i recommend, in light of the fact that we can even learn them by listening in any dialect which we feel great.

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