Sylwia Dorota Kedzia Sylwia is a Java developer. She is very passionate about programming and all things Polish.

Udemy as a learning tool for Software Developers

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At IDR Solutions I have spent a lot of time working with Java as part of the JPedal Java PDF Library and also various other things such as Marketing. I like to learn and enhance my skills in some areas and have found Udemy to be quite a good resource for software developers.

Capture8In this short article I will share with you my opinion about the online courses offered by Udemy and the overall Udemy service provided.

Udemy is one of the world’s online learning marketplace that are very popular nowadays. Created for everyone who thrive on improving their existing skills or for those that just want to learn new skills in their own time and pace. Udemy offers over 30,000 courses in a variety of topics that are both free and priced. All the courses are available on-demand, at own time, peace and any device.

The numbers and variety of topics are staggering as you can find everything from development to marketing, design, IT & Software, music, languages and many many more. All those courses are taught by an expert instructor. They are clear and well explained, easy to follow and understand. The length of courses and number of lessons differ in different courses. Also the prices ranges from £0 to over £500 depending on the topic that the course covers. The price isn’t stable so is worth keep an eye on them as there are offers from time to time.

So what do I like about Udemy? Well once you purchase a course you have unlimited access to it. So if after time the course will get updated, you will automatically get access to the updated version. Apart from that you can download the source code and course materials what gives you the flexibility of learning offline too.

Capture9Comparing to others websites use for learning with Udemy you pay for the courses that you want to study, where other sides such as or treehouse offers it as a service. This means that you pay a monthly fee in return for unlimited access to all the courses provided. However the feature of downloading project files and offline viewing depends from the purchased bundle.

The main language of the courses in Udemy is English but you can also find courses thought in Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and Japanese.The instructional level starts from beginners to advanced so there is something for everyone.

At Udemy you can also become an instructor, create online course and teach students worldwide. For more information visit Udemy website.



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Sylwia Dorota Kedzia Sylwia is a Java developer. She is very passionate about programming and all things Polish.

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