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5 Things I like about PDF Files

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At IDR Solutions I spend a lot of time on the development of our Java PDF Library (JPedal)  and our PDF to HTML5 and SVG Converter (JPDF2HTML5). So I spend a lot of time working with PDF files.

I thought it would be useful to give you an insight into what it is like to work with PDF files and what makes the PDF file format so popular (70% of the world’s documents).

So here are my five favorite features of PDF files…

1) Security

Padlock-bronze-open_and_silver-medium.svgA brilliant feature of a PDF file is that you are able to add different document restrictions.
This includes adding a password to your file so that it restricts assess. You can have 2 passwords (one for reading the document and another for editing it). Adding a password to your PDF will prevent your PDF file contents from being easily copied. You are also able to add various other document restrictions such as not allow printing, or page extraction.

2) Multi Platform

OSXWindowsLinuxPDF files are designed and developed in such a way that they are able to work on various platforms without having to download or buy software. This makes things easier when you want to share your document with other users who are not using the same platform as yourself. For example you are able to open a PDF file on your mobile phone or your tablet the same way you are able to open the same document on a Linux or Windows machine. I hate it when my carefully crafted 12 page document on Windows turns into some ugly 14 page mess on Linux 🙁

3) Future proof

17308-clock-clipartPDF files are designed so that your great, great grandchildren will be able to open your files…

4) Self contained files have the ability to contain everything needed in one single file (including attachments). By doing this means that PDF files can be transferred easily as one document rather then multiple documents referring to the same thing.

5) Reusable

2000px-Recycle001.svgPDF files are the basis of many work flows because they can be processed and reused in so many ways. You can even convert them into HTML5 or SVG (we have a free online converter).


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Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions

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