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Top 5 gadgets for Christmas 2015

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At IDR Solutions we are all looking forward to Christmas. Its that time of year again, so we can all take a look back on the gadgets of 2015 and which ones have made it onto our Christmas wish list. Here is my top 5 Gadgets for Christmas 2015.

1) Tablets

Google Pixel C
Tablets are still a popular Christmas request

Tablet devices are still one of the most asked for gifts at Christmas. There are a vast amount of different tablets you can choose from as the market is still growing. Ive selected a few that you might like below running IOS and Android as everyone has their own preference.

IPad Pro

This year saw the release of the new 12.9″ retina display iPad pro. This iPad not only has a large screen but it also has a large price tag to go with it too. This iPad comes with a starting price of £679.00 for a 32GB model built with WiFi. Although the iPad comes with a large price tag it has various use cases and some people can use it to replace your laptop or your PC.

Google Pixel C

This year we also see google release the new Pixel C the first android tablet which has been designed and built from start to finish by google. The 10.2″ pixel C comes with the choice of two different storage types 32GB or 64GB and like the iPad pro it also comes with the option of an additional purchase for a keyboard. The starting price for the google pixel c is £399.00 fir the 32GB.

Samsung Galaxy tab S2

The next Tablet is the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a choice of a  9.7″ or a 8.0″ screen. It also comes with a super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen with a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution. The Samsung only comes with a 32GB storage option and starts with a £399.00 price tag for the WiFi model.

IPad Mini

This year apple also announced and released the iPad mini 4. This has a 9.7″ inch screen. Apple offer three different storage options for the iPad Mini which means it give people the choice, and it depends on the use case of the iPad. The starting price for the iPad Mini is £319.00 the cheapest of all of the tables mentioned.

2) Hover boards

Hoverboards...just not the one you were expecting
Hoverboards…just not the one you were expecting

Next thing on the Christmas wish list for a lot of children and adults are hover boards. Technically they aren’t really hover boards but they are the closest things we have to hover boards they are more like Segways or balance boards. There are many different hover boards on the market and they range in price starting from £249.00 and upwards.

3) Drone

Personal Drones for fun!
Personal Drones for fun!

Drones are becoming more and more affordable and therefore they are becoming more and more popular. Drones are a fun gadget which can be used all year round by both adults and children. There are a range of different drones which are available, some of which have cameras and some don’t for example:

Parrot Bebop 2

This drone features its 25 minute battery life and has a maximum horizontal speed of 16 ms. On board of the drone it contacts a 14 mega pixel camera which allows you to also record things in HD. The drone is user controlled and has 180 vision. This drone comes with the price tag of $449.99.


Lily is a different type of drone. Lily flies its self. With this drone you are able to put a little remote into your pocket and throw lily into the air and it will follow where ever you go. It has a camera  which records in 1080p. Its also a waterproof drone so no matter on the weather your able to use it. It currently inst on sale but it already has a starting price of $999

Hubsan x4 FPB Quadcopter

This drone is more in everybody’s price range, it has a starting price of £129.95. It has a on board camera which allows the user to have a birds eye view of seeing what is going on through the remote control. The 30 minute charge will get you approximately 7 minutes of flying time.

4) Razer OSVR

Open Source Virtual Reality is the future!
Open Source Virtual Reality is the future!

Gaming is becoming more popular and so Razer have created a virtual reality Eco system. This allows its users to put on the head set and step into a virtual reality. Because the head set is a open-source project it allows developer to develop games easier. The headset its self costs $299.99 USD


5) Activity trackers

Activity Trackers are gaining popularity
Activity Trackers are gaining popularity

With people wanting to get fit for the new year, activity trackers are a popular gift people are asking for at Christmas. There are a range of different activity trackers out there and some of which even double up as a smart watch. For example here are a range of different activity trackers:


Fit bit offer a range of different activity trackers and they mainly rule the top 5 of activity trackers. They range in price from £49.99 for the Fitbit zip to £199.00 for the Fitbit surge. They are a brilliant gadgetry gift for the people who like to keep fit and want to monitor there progress.

Apple watch

Apple have released the apple watch and although its a smart watch it is also a activity monitor, it works along side your phone to monitor your progress. With your apple watch you are able to do things such as set your self activity goals such as the the amount of kilometers you want to run to the watch reminding you that you need to stand up every so often. The starting price for the apple watch sport edition is: £299.00

Microsoft band 2

The Microsoft band helps you measure and view all of your data on the workouts you complete and even the sleep quality you have. It also it able to connect to your mobile phone to notify you when you have any emails or text messages.The Microsoft band has a starting price of £199.99.

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Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions

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