Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

4 things I did to prepare for Business of Software 2016

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If you have been keeping up to date with our blogs then you will know from Sophia’s post last week (3 Reasons I’m looking forward to Business of Software 2016) that IDR Solution is planning on attending Business Of Software Europe this Sunday. This will be my first BOS event and as such I thought I would share with you all how I have been preparing for it.

1. Read the Agenda
Sounds obvious right? I do not just mean have a quick look at what talks are taking place though. You may think that since BOS boasts a single track (because everyone is worth listening to) that you can have a quick look at who is speaking and what will be covered. I am asking you to go beyond that. Read the agenda a few times, make notes on items of interest and think up some questions to help take your business to the next level. You have a wealth of speakers with different backgrounds, experiences and opinions that have come to help people just like yourselves. Search for the best people to answer your questions and go forth and.conquer.

2. Keep an eye on the blog
If you want to know what to expect then the blog is the place to be. You will be able to find out tidbits about past conferences and will be kept up to date with what is happening with the coming conference. You can also find some interesting articles that range from What areas of the brain respond to different words? to The secret psychology behind online persuasion. Have a look now – you will no doubt find more than a few articles that tickle your interest.

3. Master classes galore
Why wait for the conference to start? Business of Software have broadcast master classes live from Google hangouts for weeks. These one hour videos cover a variety of subjects and have allowed people to gain a head start in getting some of their burning questions answered. The videos are still up. Who knows you may have a question that has been asked and answered already.

4. Get to know the people
As I mentioned earlier you should make notes on who is going to be at the conference. Not just the speakers but the organisers and attendees too. See who is watching the videos and Tweeting. You are going here to learn, question, meet and help other people. You may find someone who has dealt with an issue you are facing or someone who is currently in the same boat. Swap advice and horror stories, make new acquintances and make sure you are taking plenty of notes along the way. At least this is what I am planning to do.

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Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

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