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Things I’ve learnt from day two at BoS (Business of Software) Europe

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BoS Europe is a annual conference which is hosted and planned by Mark Littlewood, the event gives you the opportunity to network with various people and learn about lots of interesting ideas of things which you could cooperate into your own business.This years speaker list consisted of some incredibly smart and successful business men and women who were willing to talk about the mistakes and positive things which have happened during their careers.

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Day Two

09:00 – Rand Fishkin, Moz – The Things I Wish I Could Have Told Young Mr. Fishkin

The day began with a talk from Rand Fishkin. Rand fell into marketing 16 years ago when he dropped out of university to help his mother in her marketing business. He started blogging about Search Engine Optimization in 2004 creating the world’s most popular resource for search marketers. He became CEO of his own blog and the software company it spawned, SEOMoz in 2007. Over 6 years the company grew from 7 people to 134, revenue from $800k to $29 million, 1 million to 30 million annual visitors, raised two rounds of funding totalling $19million.

Rand was talk was about the things he would change, the things he would keep the same and the the things he doesn’t yet know you can find the links to his slides which he has broken up into a blog post here.

I learnt that no perseverance is key, and although there was things he would change it didn’t effect his success even though it could have. His perseverance and determination kept him going.

10:00 – Bridget Harris, You Can Book Me – The Buskers Guide to Running a Tech Startup

The founders of YouCanBookMe, Bridget and Keith, were on a mission to find the ‘sweet spot’ in scheduling that would allow their app to take off virally, and make money too. In 2012, Bridget started focusing her effort full time on building a business that would allow the product to grow sustainability and profitably. Their early call to grow without venture funding has had a significant impact on the business.

Bridget talk was about making the right decisions for your company which included her talking about staffing and the importance of making sure you have the right type of staff to help grow the company.

11:30 – Peter Coppinger, Teamwork – From Happy Consultant Developer to Unhappy Product CEO
Peter founded Digital Crew as a consultancy back in 2007, built up a consultancy making software for pharmaceutical companies in Cork, then created “Teamwork Project Manager” cloud based software to help run the business. Teamwork Project Manager became “” in January 2014.

Peter was discussing the rise of team work and how the idea came about. Peter has built a company to $12 million ARR without external funding. His talk was discussing the importance of him being able to be a good CEO and the challenges which he faces because he is primarily a developer.

“It’s shocking to look up from the codebase and realise that you have 63 employees that need direction, and the direction has to come from you. We all suffer from imposter syndrome, you just have to get over it, down tools, and be the CEO. Being just a programmer at this scale is not good enough.”

13:45 – Azeem Azhar, Schibsted Media – Should You Be Worried About AI and Machine Learning?

Azeem Azha is a Entrepreneur & investor: founder of PeerIndex (acquired by Brandwatch), Director of Product, Marketplaces at Schibsted Media.

Azeem Azha  spoke about why AI and Machine Learning will be as significant in the software world as open source and SaaS. It is early days but change is coming. Faster than you think. You should worry, but are you concerned about the right things? Should you concern yourself with terrible tales of, ‘The Singularity’, or about how AI and Machine Learning will change the way that your business runs?

14:45 – David Peto, aFrame – The 10 mistakes that nearly killed my company, and the 10 pieces of luck that saved it.

David Peto is the CEO of Aframe. Aframe  is the cloud platform for video collaboration it reduces the complexity of working with high resolution, multi-format media by centralizing assets in the cloud and making it easy for teams to view, access and collaborate on content wherever they are. Aframe saves cost, drives business efficiency’s and increase the revenue and returns on your content.

David shared a few of the things he did, the mistakes that he made, as founder of Aframe that almost killed his company. From customer and product development mistakes, to discussions with the wrong investors. Aframe’s journey has been event filled and has made some almost fatal mistakes. Almost, but not quite. Every entrepreneur needs a little bit of luck here and there, the real trick is to make sure that when you get some, you can capitalise on it.

15:45 – Iris Lapinski, Apps for Good – The New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Iris runs CDI Apps for Good, an award-winning technology education movement where young people in schools learn to create apps that solve problems they care about and change their world.

Iris discussed the challenges of bringing lean and agile thinking into an education system that operates in very linear ways. From a modest start in 2 UK schools, 2 teachers and 50 students in 2010, Apps for Good has scaled to 1,000 schools and 50,000+ 11-18 year olds in the UK, USA, Spain and Portugal.

If you attended BoS Europe, what did you think of it?

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Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions

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