Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and a Java Champion. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days. She has a degree in English Literature.

My Top 5 talks for my first JavaOne conference

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javaoneAs a Java developer at IDR Solutions, attending JavaOne for the first time this is definitely one of the highlights of my year. I get to learn about the latest developments in Java from the very people who are working on them and meet like-minded people in the industry. Not only that but I also get to speak at the conference alongside my colleague Zain. I am also looking forward to exploring the Java Hub, where you can try out 3D printing and have a barista serve you coffee using a Raspberry Pi and Java.

In preparation for the event, I have been looking through the sessions catalogue and have picked out the five talks which I am looking forward to the most.

1. JavaFX: New and Noteworthy [CON2483]

“JavaFX 9 will provide new and exciting features for JavaFX developers, including a public API for JavaFX UI control skins, a more public API for CSS, high-resolution support on Windows platforms, and much more. JavaFX 9 is delivered as part of the JDK modular image, so all applications can easily take advantage of it. Come to this session to learn what is coming in 9 and how you can make use of these new features in your application.”

One of the best things about attending JavaOne is that you get to hear about the latest developments in Java from the very people who are working on them. This talk will feature the latest news on JavaFX 9.

2. Prepare for JDK 9 [CON2937]

“The modularization of the Java SE Platform in JDK 9 will bring many benefits but also many changes. Existing code that uses only official Java SE Platform APIs and supported JDK-specific APIs should continue to work without change. Code that uses certain deprecated features or any JDK-internal APIs is likely to break, however. This session shows you how to prepare existing code for JDK 9 and takes a look at new features designed to help migration, such as JDK versioning, multirelease JARs, and enhanced deprecation.”

Java 9 is getting close now with the official release date for JDK 9 still on 23rd March 2017. In preparation for this it will be interesting to hear what the effects of using Java 9 will be on existing code.

3. Lambda/Streams Programming Laboratory [HOL3288]

“Interested in trying out the Lambda and Streams features of Java 8? If so, this “higher-order lab” is for you. Participants will use JDK 8 and NetBeans to work on exercises intended to teach them about the Lambda feature of the Java programming language and the new Streams Library API. The exercises start off very simply, so that beginners can learn the fundamentals. Additional exercises covering grouping and parallel reduction aim to challenge more-advanced participants. Participants need not have any prior knowledge of Java’s Lambda feature, although having attended a prior JavaOne Lambda session or tutorial will be helpful.”

The conference also includes Hands-on-Lab sessions, which means you get learn by doing some actual coding and be taught by the experts.

4. Dive into the Newest, Latest, and Cutting-Edgiest Technologies in the NetBeans IDE [UGF6434]

“The NetBeans IDE is targeted at providing features for cutting-edge development, particularly for developers in the Java ecosystem. In this session, learn about new and interesting tools relating to Docker, Java 9, Jigsaw, Nashorn, Jackpot refactoring, annotations processors, and more. Come and be amazed at the range of tools and features that are new as well as the many hidden and surprising things you can do with NetBeans.”

We use NetBeans day to day at work so we have a good grasp of many of its features, but there is always more you can learn and there will certainly be new things we haven’t come across before. NetBeans has a wealth of technologies which are worth knowing about.

5. The Big Bang Talk: Java and the Internet of Things [CON3220]

“The big bang talk is a new-style presentation that includes technical content; amazing live demos; and fun, live interaction with the audience in a very innovative way: at five points in the talk, the audience can choose the direction of the presentation. The speakers present the technical content with tech talk + performing art + soap opera, plus a crazy script. The live demos include
• MQTT + JavaFX + sensors
• IoT microkernel
• Home automation with Gesture and Face Recognition
• Healthcare IoT data prediction and machine earning
• Crazy raffle using MQTT
• Fast data pipeline for big data: SMACK (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka) stack”

This talk is interactive and shows how creative you can be with Java. It will be great to see how the language is being used to develop Internet of Things applications.

All of these talks, among many others, look of particular interest to me. Also please do come along to our own talk, Write Better Code: Become a More Productive Java Developer with the NetBeans IDE. This will be on Tuesday 20th September at 7:00 p.m. in Continental Ballroom 6 at the Hilton. We will also be at the IDRSolutions stand 5710, so come and say hello to us there.

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Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and a Java Champion. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days. She has a degree in English Literature.

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