Zain Zain is a Java developer. His is a knowledge seeker who likes to try out and explore new things.

3 sessions I am looking forward to at JavaOne 2016

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‘JavaOne application – check, hotel – check, flight – check, booked sessions- check;’ Im all booked and ready to depart for JavaOne at San Francisco and to meet the rest of the IDR Solutions team.

What excites me though is the insight and knowledge I will gain from attending the sessions at JavaOne. That is why I have fully loaded my schedule at JavaOne and booked myself for many talks/sessions.

It is difficult to judge which one excites me the most but here are the 3 big ones I am looking forward to.

James Gosling with the Newest, Latest, and Cutting-Edgiest Technologies with Free and Open Source Tools [UGF6434]

james_gosling_2008In this session, the speakers, including James Gosling, will be talking about the latest technology that is upcoming in the next few months including Docker, Jigsaw, Jackpot refactoring, annotations processors, Nashorn and the new Java 9. As a NetBeans user, I am intrigued to know what little secrets and surprises are hidden in the IDE which the speakers will also talk about.

Who better to meet than James Gosling, the founder of Java. While gaining early insights and knowledge from highly talented people in the industry has its own advantages, meeting someone as famous and cool as James Gosling is just on a different level. Imagine telling your friends that you were taught by James Gosling and then had dinner with him on the same day, a privilege your friends won’t have.

Learning about the latest technology from James Gosling is like killing 2 birds with one stone. I am gaining an insight my friends won’t have as well as meeting someone as significant as James Gosling. This is why I am looking forward to this talk the most.

Code-Level Security Games and Puzzles in Java [CON2806]


A challenge always appeals to me and a challenge in Java excites me. This is why this session is in my top 3 sessions I am looking forward to at JavaOne. A challenge in Java involving puzzles and security will only improve your skills and depth of knowledge. This level of skill is always useful as coding always contains different sorts of security and puzzles. This experience may help me in my future projects, especially as I believe the best way to learn programming is through experience and practice.

Security is an essential aspect of any sort of development, especially with technology increasing on a daily basis. More vulnerabilities are being found and therefore programs have more dangerous risks. I am interested in gaining a better understanding of security at JavaOne as it is an important aspect going forward as a developer. I believe it is one aspect every developer should keep themselves updated with.

Hacking Hiring [BOF1459]

job-interview-437026_1280Hacking Hiring is a session which sounds like I can benefit greatly from. With this conference being my first JavaOne conference, I am looking to make the most out of it. Understanding the process that companies use to hire staff is an essential piece of knowledge for a successful career. Although I am not planning for it anytime soon, who knows when I would need another job in the future, for whatever the reason may be. With a good understanding of the overall process, I can use this to gain a competitive edge against the others who are also looking for a job like me.

An employee isn’t recruited based on just what skills/qualifications they have. The recruitment system is like a match in the manner that the player with the better skills isn’t necessarily the winner. What matters more is the performance on that particular day. Similarly, the hiring process in companies is like a game which needs to be played with the right manner. To do this, one must understand how the whole game works. It sounds like this session will do just that.

Honourable mentions

Learning to Code with Java: What Beginners Get Wrong [BOF2334]

This is a useful talk for those who are not as advanced in Java as well as those who do a lot of tutoring in Java programming. This talk is about the errors new programmers make a lot and it is backed up by data. Being someone who likes teaching novice programmers, I am looking forward to this talk as it would tell me which parts I need to put more emphasis on.

Write Better Code: Become a More Productive Java Developer with the NetBeans IDE [BOF2744]

Everybody needs an IDE and NetBeans is one of the best out there. NetBeans covers more than just the basic principles that a good IDE must follow. There is more to NetBeans than just an editor. Come to this talk and find out why NetBeans is the best out there.

Don’t forget to come see us at the JavaOne exhibition. We will be at stand 5710.

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Zain Zain is a Java developer. His is a knowledge seeker who likes to try out and explore new things.

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