Zain Zain is a Java developer. His is a knowledge seeker who likes to try out and explore new things.

3 things you should know if you are going JavaOne

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golden-gate-bridge-1081782_1920JavaOne is just around the corner and there is a lot of things to look forward to. From hands-on lab sessions to meeting James Gosling the very reason JavaOne exists. You can also attend a special Billy Joel concert, you can never run out of things to do. Being an annual event, JavaOne doesn’t come around too often.

You have booked your tickets, confirmed your transportation and you’re good to go…. Not just yet. Since there is so many things you can do at JavaOne, it is essential you plan your time at the event.

Here are my top 3 tips for utilizing your time while your at JavaOne.

Session Catalogue

Looking at the session catalogue would be a good starting point. We have dreams and desires to meet different people, some of which would be scheduled to do talks. Find which session they will be talking at. Note what time their talks are scheduled to take place and save that slot for it. Some talks occur more than once to give you the flexibility for attending the sessions. Places are often booked up quick so be sure to book them before they are gone.

You can find the session catalogue here.

Meet and Greet

Companies and people from all over the world will be attending JavaOne. Some could be potential clients while some might have something you have been looking for. Get involved amongst them and create connections that could potentially boost your business/career. The conference is a great place to meet and catch up with existing customers if they are also attending the conference. You can find a list of various networking events and the agenda here.

It’s San Francisco

JavaOne isn’t the only thing to think about during your trip at San Francisco. San Francisco is a great place for tourists to enjoy themselves. There is a lot to do at San Francisco alone including posh restaurants, sightseeing on the bus tours, fishermens wharf, and a concert organised for JavaOne attendees. Be sure to add all these to your JavaOne schedule and make the most of it.

Planning everything will allow you to enjoy your time while at JavaOne in San Francisco and make the most of it.  Oh and don’t forget to come see us as we will be at stand 5710.

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Zain Zain is a Java developer. His is a knowledge seeker who likes to try out and explore new things.

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