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One month on: Our review of using Basecamp

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Recently IDR Solutions attended the BoS (business of software) conference which was held in basecamp_corporate_logoBoston M.A. We had a fantastic time and would highly recommend it. The conference was full of successful entrepreneurs who wanted to share their business experiences with us all. If you would like to read about our experiences you can read part 1 and part 2.

During our time at the conference we were able to talk to lots of other like-minded people within the software industry and bounce various ideas that we all had. When the conference sadly come to an end the closing act was a presentation from Jason Fried – CEO of basecamp. Jason’s presentation was a hand’s on demo of Base Camp, he was explaining what Basecamp was, how you can use it and how Basecamp themselves use it to effectively communicate with one another.  Jason was explaining how important it was to be able to effectively communicate well as a team, and how to overcome the barriers of having a team who mostly work remotely.

What is basecamp?

“A Basecamp is a private, secure space online where people working together can organize and discuss everything they need to get a project done. See it, track it, discuss it, act on it. Tasks, discussions, deadlines, and files – everything’s predictably organized in Basecamp.”

Why we wanted to use basecamp?

Some of our staff work Remote

Here at IDRsolutions we have three offices which is based in various locations in the U.K as well as a small remote team. As we have various offices and a remote team, it is important for us to make sure we are all kept on the same page and that we can all communicate effectively. We are always looking into various ways to see if we can improve the way we are currently doing things. It seemed a sensible choice for us to give Basecamp a trial.

How we use Basecamp

We have steadily built up the way that we use base camp. Initially when we started our trial we only had one Basecamp set up called IDRsolutions. For us this was/is a central point where we can share things with one another quickly and effectively.

We instantly liked how things were working. We liked the fact that we could each manage the way we were able to use Basecamp . We found that people we’re more likely to respond to one another if it was put onto base camp rather than emailing. We instantly felt that we were all on the same page. Over time we have grown the way we use Basecamp . We now have individual Basecamps for all our projects.

Having the individual  Basecamps for our projects allows us to schedule meetings and helps to give a quick overview of the things which have been discussed during the various meetings we have had. By doing this it gives each of us the chance to review what has been happening with the projects.

We were also able to move all of our on-boarding documentation onto Basecamp. By doing this is it means that it is in a central location for people to find it and it also makes things easier for new members of staff to find things.

There are many more features which Basecamp has, you can find them here.

One month on…

One month on and we are still really enjoying using Basecamp. We found that it has helped to control any interruptions we used to have as well as we all feel that we are all on the same page. We know what is being discussed and we know that we can also have an input into things which are being discussed.

Here at IDRsolutions we are continuing to use Basecamp on a daily basis and we can’t really see that changing any time soon. It has now become a part of our daily activity.

Are you using Basecamp? How do you feel that it is working for your company?

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Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions

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