Sophia Matarazzo Sophia is a part of the Marketing and Sales team at IDRSolutions.

Back to Basics: The 2017 Guide to to PDF Files introduction

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With the new year well and truly underway, here at IDRSolutions we have decided to go back to basics with PDF files. This month we are dedicating our blog posts to creating the ultimate 2017 guide for PDF files.

Over the years our customers have asked us about various aspects and issues regarding PDF files. Our back to basics will take you through to discussing the limitations of PDF files through to creating a PDF file and finishing on images in PDF files and how you can make better use of them.

Week One

In week one we will be re-explain what PDF files are and limited amount support for Java as part of the language.

Week Two

In week two we will be discussing PDF creation and the structure of PDF files. And we will also be showing you how you can create your own PDF files the hard and the easy way.

Week Three

In week three we will be talking about how difficult it is to extract data from PDF’s and giving you a introduction to structured text, what it is and how it can help when extracting text from files.

Week Four

In week four we will be discussing why people want to convert PDF to image and the benefits of converting PDF to HTML5.

We hope you enjoy this series, if you have any other suggestions please reply in the comments below.

IDRsolutions develop a Java PDF Viewer and SDK, an Adobe forms to HTML5 forms converter, a PDF to HTML5 converter and a Java ImageIO replacement. On the blog our team post anything interesting they learn about.

Sophia Matarazzo Sophia is a part of the Marketing and Sales team at IDRSolutions.

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