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Why IDRsolutions uses the NetBeans IDE for Java Development

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NetBeansWith many IDEs out there available for developers, there is a lot of debate on which IDE is the best. In this article, I will be talking about why IDRsolutions uses the NetBeans IDE for development.

Configurations and formats can be shared in the company

NetBeans’ settings and configurations are saved into a config file. NetBeans loads from and saves all its settings into this file. This file is transferable which means that you can share the configurations between multiple devices. This is convenient when you program on more than one device.

IDRsolutions benefits from this as we can keep consistent configurations between all our employees. We don’t have to spend a lot of time configuring NetBeans when we hire a new employee. We can simply replace the config file and NetBeans will pick the configurations up.

Supports other technologies

At IDRsolutions, we use a range of technologies for different purposes including Java, Python, HTML, JavaScript and more. NetBeans allows us to work with all these languages in one IDE. Instead of having to download and setup separate IDEs for each language, we can conveniently work from one.

Great for productivity

NetBeans comes with many features that allows us to write more code in less time. It completes the tedious tasks so that we don’t have to. We can spend more time on the code that matters rather than writing out the main method or setter/getters.

NetBeans has a code generator which can generate classes (using a defined template), methods (setter/getters, main methods), loops and other common code. This can be done through a wizard or using keyboard short keys. My personal favourite is the ‘soutv’ short key. Typing ‘soutv’ followed by a tab would generate System.out.println(“variable = ” + variable) where variable could be any variable in the code. NetBeans is context sensitive which especially helps through NetBeans’ auto-completion feature.

IDRsolutions also uses the refactoring feature NetBeans offers to make bulk changes to the code simultaneously. We don’t have to find and iterate through the whole class to find a specific variable in order to change the name. The refactoring feature would do it all for us in one go.

Many tools and plugins

NetBeans is modular as it consists of multiple plugins to make it one big IDE. The modularity makes it easy to add (or remove) features/tools into the IDE through plugins. NetBeans comes with many plugins built into it which IDRsolutions use on a daily basis. Some of the plugins IDRsolutions uses are VCS (Version Control System), debugger, Maven, profiler and more. This gives us all the tools we would need inside one IDE.

Some of us at IDRsolutions like to keep things simple and uncluttered so are glad there is an option to remove unwanted plugins. Others like to use the cool features on offer. NetBeans has a marketplace for plugins built by other users. Many of them are free and some are premium. NetBeans also provides a platform for us to build our own plugins and add our own features into the IDE (we have made our own PDF viewer plugin).

These are just some of the reasons we use the NetBeans IDE at IDRsolutions. You can find more cool stuff on NetBeans by attending the UK NetBeans day on the 25th of April at the University of Greenwich. There will be a lot to learn about NetBeans on the day.

Hope to see you there!


This post is part of our “NetBeans article Index” series. In these articles, we aim to explore NetBeans in different ways, from useful hint and tips, to our how-to’s, experiences and usage of the NetBeans IDE.

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Zain Zain is a Java developer. His is a knowledge seeker who likes to try out and explore new things.

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