Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and a Java Champion. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days. She has a degree in English Literature.

6 reasons we will be attending Business of Software USA 2017

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This September the Business of Software conference will be happening again in Boston. IDRsolutions have been attending this conference for many years now but this will be my first time, and I can’t wait. Last week two of my colleagues attended Business of Software Europe in London and updated us on what we missed, and I am now even more excited to be attending the Boston conference.

So here are the top 5 reasons to be there:

1. See inspiring speakers

BoS does not bring in professional speakers. It is famous for bringing in really successful entrepreneurs, developers, marketers,CEOs who are really good at communicating. The line-up for the conference is looking exciting. Among the many speakers I can’t wait to see is Seth Godin the famous author of The Purple Cow and many other books, who will be sharing what he has learned from 33 years in the software industry. Natalie Nagele will be talking about growing businesses, and Jason Cohen, founder of WPEngine, who will be speaking about having a healthy mental approach to business.

2. Meet people in the same boat as you

Sometimes being part of a small company can be isolating, so it is also useful to be reminded that there are people out there in a similar situation to you. Sometimes it is nice just to leave the office.

3. Network (the ‘Hallway Track’)

This conference is not just about listening to people talk, but about having conversations with them. The conference is deliberately capped at 300 people to give it a friendly atmosphere, and both attendees and speakers are encouraged to speak to and learn from everyone else at the conference. This gives you a golden opportunity to talk to lots of people one on one. You might even meet some potential clients.

4. Steal good ideas

The whole point of the conference is for everyone to help each other improve their businesses. Whether you are attending talks or just chatting to people in the corridor, the chances are you will hear a good idea that you can take home and apply to your company. It is a good idea to tell people about the problems you are facing because they might just know a way to help you.

5. Apply what you have learned in interactive workshops

The conference is not just about listening passively and there are also hands-on elements. It ends with a choice of workshops where moderators show you how to put ideas into practice. These are informal and a chance to reflect on what you have learned in the talks and how you can make the best use of all this new information. Topics include website dissection, roadmapping and making videos.

6. See the sights

Living and working in the UK means it is not every day you get to see the sights of Boston. While we are in the area I might as well take the chance to look round Harvard and perhaps visit the New England Aquarium.

Sunset over Boston at the Business of Software Conference


P.S. If you are in or around Boston and would like to arrange a visit from us while we are in the area, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and a Java Champion. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days. She has a degree in English Literature.

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