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Using Zendesk or Jira Service Desk to provide customer support

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Support and the way it is being provided to customers has been evolving over the last few years. Previously support may have been done via support forums and various bug tracking tools. Although these are still around, companies are moving towards new technologies like service desk and help desks.

What is a Service Desk?

A Service desk is a single point of contact between the end user and support team. This is not to be confused with a Help Desk, which focuses on end user needs and the ability to self-service their answers.

What is the purpose of a Service Desk?

A Service Desk is designed to enable anyone to submit a query or an issue. It enables us to communicate with our customers. It also allows team members to communicate on support requests and raise bug reports from one place.

What are service desks used for?

Most companies now have technology built into their work model as a result this means that they will need to provide support on the technology they are providing or using within the company. Support teams are usually there to try and help resolve an issue before having to escalating the issue to their development team.

As much as it is about the customers receiving better support it is also important to remember that a service desk is also the key communication tool between the support team and the developers.

In this article, I will be discussing the key differences and similarities between two of the main service desk providers Zendesk Support and Jira Service Desk.

Zendesk Support      zendesk-logo

Getting to know Zendesk Support

Zendesk Support is one of the leading help desk solutions trusted by over 40,000 organization worldwide to raise productivity, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

What are some of the key features of Zendesk?


Zendesk is designed for flexibility it allows you to make it your own. You can configure things like work follow and extend your agents help desk using their inbuilt app store.


Zendesk also provides various reporting and analytic reports such as insights reporting, customer satisfaction reports and Net Promoter score surveys.

Zendesk Guide

The light Zendesk guide comes free with a Zendesk subscription. The Zendesk guide is a free Helpdesk.

Embedded Tools

Zendesk provides tools such as web widgets so that they are easy to integrate into a companies internal or external website.

What can Zendesk Support Integrate with?

Zendesk offers integration with the following tools:

  1. Drupal
  2. Google Apps
  3. HootSuit
  4. Joomla
  5. Mailchimp
  6. JIRA
  7. Zapier


What are the pricing options?

Zendesk offers a yearly or monthly subscription fee and it is based on a per agent basis. The fee also offers different plans which alters the agent fee. You can find out more about their pricing here.

Pros and Cons of Zendesk Support:


  • Zendesk offer a fantastic range of plugins on their own app store
  • Easy to setup
  • Good support for Macros and automation
  • Live chat support
  • Clean and Simple UI
  • Fantastic embeddable tools
  • Free Lite version of Guide.
  • Good support and documentation


  • All agents must access to Guide so can make upgrading expensive

jira-logoJIRA Service Desk

Getting to know JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service desk is a hosted service desk platform developed by Atlassian. The system is a very popular help desk solution widely used by many popular open source projects.

What are some of the key features of JIRA Service Desk?


JIRA Service desk integrates straight into JIRA. So it collaborates Service desk tickets with JIRA dev tickets.


JIRA Service desk also provides metric reports which help you catch bottlenecks before they happen.


JIRA Service desk allows your team to set up automation on certain tasks so that they can focus on the more important tasks and lighten the work mode.

ITIL – Certified Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk is PinkVERIFY™ certified

What can JIRA Service Desk Integrate with?

JIRA Service Desk offers integration with the following tools:

  1. Hipchat
  2. Confulence
  3. Zendesk
  4. Insight
  5. Github
  6. Balsamiq
  7. Salesforce

What are the pricing options?

JIRA Service desk offers three different pricing models:

Cloud Solution

$10 for up-to 3 agents/Per month . Additional agents are charged at $20 per agent/per month.

Self hosted Server Solution

$10 for up-to 3 agents one time payment 4-5 agents are charged as a $1,500 onetime payment.

Data Center Solution

$12,000 per year for 50 agents.

Pros and cons of JIRA Service Desk


  • Good intergration with JIRA
  • Good project management tools


  • You can’t email from JIRA Service desk
  • Each end user needs to have an account
  • Doesn’t integrate well with other tools
  • Long set up time

Are you using Zendesk or Jira Service Desk? What are your thoughts?

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Zain Zain is a Java developer. His is a knowledge seeker who likes to try out and explore new things.

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