Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

JavaOne 2017 Community Keynote through Pictures

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Community Keynote – Thursday 5th October

Here are our pictures from the Community keynote at JavaOne 2017. We have a whole series of articles on the conference here.

The Java Developer keynote was last on the list and full of movie references, cliches and laughs as usual. No James Gosling this year but some cool JavaOne 60Pi cameras were shown off.

This year’s theme was based on filming The Matrix.

The director was funnily enough Stephen Chin (Director of the Oracle Developer Community)

And of course you need leather outfits and sun shades if you are going to be in this movie.

The camera followed all the action.

The main enemy? The GlitchMatrixException that Neo had to defeat using the awesome power of modularity.

They also managed to show off Java 9’s new collection methods and that “__” can be used as an object name.

A bit of fun with endless loops and timeouts.

Neo (our protagonist for those whom haven’t seen the movie) was tasked was saving the Java world.

He got some help along the way.

And was encouraged with some motivational speeches from the Java community.

And a lady giving out cookies (but not to the crowd).

We got to see Neo learn his secret technique to harness the power of Jigsaw.

The cool JavaOne 60Pi cameras were used to create a Matrix style 360 panorama of Neo using his new technique.

We also got some subtle reminders that Java 9 took 7 years and that the dreaded sun.misc.Unsafe package has been alive all this time.
Kubernetes was also brought out to show how we could scale our world saving Java program quickly and easily across cloud platforms.

The dreaded agents attacked at last but Neo was ready. He used the power of modulairty to turn the dreaded Agents back to Java loving community members.

And we finished with all the actors, stage hands and the director on stage. With the GlitchMatrixException and the agents being defeated by the power of Project Jigsaw.

Now a bad way to end.

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Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

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