Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

JavaOne 2017 Developer Keynote through Pictures

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Developer Keynote – Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Here are our pictures from the Developer Keynote at JavaOne 2017. We have a whole series of articles on the conference here.

Overview: Demo of Cloud services and Bots, talk on Serverless and FaaS and finishing with some reading material recommended to help both developers young and old to better themselves.

Slogan for this year’s JavaOne is Live for the Code (or as I keep reading it Live Code)

Oracle shared all these resources for use which is available at

Chatbots and MicroServices are paving a way forward by becoming a handy way for users to interact with a service without having to download additional software.

The API-First Lifecycle was displayed and explained

Container Native Application Development announced. Wrecker was shown off which handles container native application development and the deployment of MicroServices.

A chatbot was shown which was created by volunteers in 45 minutes. This allowed people to quickly and easily check prices of cars and purchase one in a few simple messages.

Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Enterprise platform was shown off.

Conversational AI Platform announced which can easily integrate with Facebook messenger, Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

A robot was then presented that used the Conversational AI Platform.

Big Data Platform Enhancements announced which supports big learning at scale and handles big data connectors.

Where did the term serverless come from?

Then it was time to talks about FaaS (Function as a Service)

And what the benefits of FaaS are – Automatic Scaling, provider independent and can aid rapid development.

Devops was also nicely defined for us.

An interesting API was shown that can understand human emotions and relay that back to your application.

We were then reminded that the best way to do business is to be as clear and open as possible with your customers.

No hidden loop holes.

A wise phrase was passed on.

A well know quote presented.

Interesting books displayed

And finished with even more books. Overall quite a bit of interesting technology shown off and plenty of food/books for thought.

IDRsolutions develop a Java PDF library, a PDF forms to HTML5 converter, a PDF to HTML5 or SVG converter and a Java Image Library that doubles as an ImageIO replacement. On the blog our team post about anything interesting they learn about.

Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

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