Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

JavaOne 2017 Java Keynote through Pictures

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JavaOne 2017 came to end last week and left us with a lot to contemplate and discuss with our team thanks to the many interesting sessions and speakers whom attended. We have a whole series of articles on the conference here. We also had some very eventful keynotes with live coding, projects being open sourced, product plugging (naturally) and a few matrix jokes thrown in for good taste.

I could write about all these keynotes in-depth but by now they will have been written about in full and excruciating detail, so if you are a busy person or just want to get a quick overview with a smattering of text and plenty of pictures then this small series of articles are for you.

Side note – For those who didn’t get a chance to attend you can download the uploaded presentations in the JavaOne Session Catalog.

Java Keynote – Monday 2nd October

The session kicked off with a DJ and the usual Oracle Safe Harbour.

Following that a very creative video played showing the Java 9 JEPs that have currently been implemented.

Discussed next was the 4 C’s that make up the core Java ecosystem: Communication, Community, Collaboration and Contribution.

Intel shared their research showing what they forecast as our expected data usage by 2020 will be.

Then they plugged their own product explaining that is is over 110x times faster than what they were producing back in 2006.

Persistent collections for Java was also announced.

Distributed Java Services was a hot topic.

Alibaba produced figures that show how big the online market currently is for days like Black Friday and China’s Singles day.

Interactive real-time data analysis tool.

Distributed Deep Learning Library for Apache Spark talked about – users can write their deep learning applications as standard Spark programs, which can directly run on top of existing Spark or Hadoop clusters.

Vectorization processing shown to be faster than scalar processing
Vector API Developer Program – introduces a set of methods for Data-parallel operations on sized vector-types for programming in Java directly, without any required knowledge of underlying CPU

Current statistics on Java usage around the world

Key properties of the Java language: Open, Evolving, Nimble and Scalable

The Eclipse Foundation is taken over care for Java EE (or EE4J)

Java SE is now going to be made up of Java 9, the Open JDK and Cadence

Wrecker demo showing how it can effectively monitor your applications and show useful statistics like heap usage

Chad Arimura also entered the stage to talk about serverless

The Fn Project was talked about – The container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform

And then open-sourced live at the conference!

Then we had Mark Reinhold come and tell us of the beauty of Project Jigsaw

An overview of how the base modules now interact and how they all have the java.base parent

HTML5 JavaDocs announced with a nicely working search feature (finally)

Then we were assured that Jigsaw doesn’t break everything – only some things.

Check out #worksfineonjdk9 on Twitter for a list of companies unaffected by Jigsaw

Jdeps is a tool which can help spot incompatibility issues – like which internal classes you are using that you will not be able to use with Java 9

We were also shown some cool projects that the OpenJDK are working on right now like Project Loom.

And we finished off with a few quick code samples showing off Java 9’s new CollectionFactory, improved switch syntax and the knowledge that everything in Oracle JDK will be open sourced and on a 6 monthly release cycle, so look forward to quicker releases and updates.

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Georgia Ingham Georgia is a Java Developer. She has spoken at lots of conferences. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.

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