Mark Stephens Mark has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and is a big NetBeans fan. He enjoys speaking at conferences. He has an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading.

My notes and pictures from Monday at JavaOne 2017

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Here are our notes and photos from Monday at the JavaOne conference. You can find our notes from sunday (Community/NetBeans Day), monday,  tuesday, wednesday and thursday.

8.30am  Rapid Development Tools for Java EE 8 [TUT2998]

Great 2 hour work shop working through new features in Java EE and writing code.

11.00am Maven and Its Impact on Java 9 Projects [CON1374]

Maven was all about classpaths. Mismatch on modpath Modules names need to be unique

Original plan no modules with numbers but already 30k in maven central so allowed but recommendation not a version number

Automatic module name in manifest to make it possible to find

Avoid split packages and root classes in j9 Add module name in manifest and choose module name with care

Some issues in plugin as use save jvm (not forked). So needs adding

Use release tag rather than source/target 1.9

Animal-sniffer useful to check old code

Dependency:analgesic useful to tidy up Pom


12.15 DevOps in the Cloud: A Use Case and Best Practices [CON3640]

Oracle cloud leader talkingSwitch from premise to cloud. Needs to be much faster

Adapted agile and 2 week sprints. Big culture shock for oracle

Aiming to release each new feature as MVP first and incrementally improve

Team 170 people

One project, 40 git repos

20 commits per week

50 builds a day and 2 full release/builds

Automate as much as possible

Every feature and bug gets its own branch

2pm JavaOne keynote

Lots of people came on stage, plugged their products and talked about java. Intel had lots of x times faster. Alibaba has own custom jdk called ajdk based on openjdkWhen companies grow up they turn into java shops – chipmonks

Mentioned move of Java EE to eclipse

Everything in oracle jdk will be open sourced and 6 monthly release

James governor said more changes in last 3 weeks than 13 years with open sourcing. Increasing nvolvement of large fast-moving web companies like twitter and facebook

Spotify moved from python to java.

Lots on cloud. Kubernetes. Java flight recorder being open sourced and can be used on cloud

Showed oracle wercker and profiling

Demo of serverless and fn project. Open sourced live – now on github

Mark reinhold reminded us 9 years for jigsaw

Rule – find missing abstraction (modules in this case)

Module path offers more than classpath-
Reliable configuration
Strong encapsulation
Fixes jdk monolith

We now have modular javadoc

Jlink produces custom jdks

Jigsaw breaks some things. #worksfineonjdk9

Jdeps will spot jdk9 errors

Collectionfactory at last

Javadoc search and annotation graphs

Java moving to 6 monthly releases

Project amber and project loom

Java 10 has a var command

4.30pm 12 Factors for Cloud Success [CON5598]

Defined process –

Do not have diff code for diff deployments
Do not have multiple apps n same repo
Do not store jars inside rep
Build, release run
Store config outside application
Backing services
Executes as one or more stateless processes
Export services via port binding
Concurrency – can scale up and out
Disposability – treat as cattle not pets
Dev/prod parity – keep similar
Logs – treat as event streams
Admin process – should be run as one off processes

5.30 The Secret Sauce of Successful Teams [CON2294]
Contain successful people – 10x programmer
Google found high performance teams have psychological safety, mindset, structure, support and compelling direction
Vision, themes, focus, measure
Yearly v agile. Company v team
Okr – stretch goal
Make transparent goals
Atlassian use nps
40k items feedback each month on just confluence. Sort into buckets (reliablilty, usability, functionality)
Need common language and cross functional teams with dynamic membership
Team routines
Gsd days
Every 6 weeks innovation weeks
Give kudos
Welcoming culture (having a buddy)
Supported context
Open by default on intranet
Write down decisions
Allow questions
Allow for corrections
Share it or it didn’t happen
Stop endless discussions and take it offline
Play as a team. Open company,  no bullshit
Make service discoverable
Make as much as possible self service
Make asking for help easyBuild a shared mindset
Rotate duty of fixing bugs
Feature buddy
Review every code change. Needs 2 approvals
Doing things right
Create a playbook
Altassian have made their playbook available online.
8 checkpoints for better team health

6.30pm How to Write and Ship Better Code with the Apache NetBeans IDE [BOF3906]

Our talk.

7.30pm Deep Learning and Image Recognition for Java Developers [BOF2830]

Classification and regression tasks
2 types of neural networks – feed forward and convolutional
Learn input and output
HelloWorld example using iris flower
Convolution reduces complexity of problem

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Mark Stephens Mark has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and is a big NetBeans fan. He enjoys speaking at conferences. He has an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading.

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