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Companies we admire that work remotely

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In 2017 it is much easier for companies to be able to have a fully flexible and remote team. Technology has evolved in such a way that companies who work remotely are able to communicate and work together as a team effectively even though they are remote.

It can work really well for companies and their colleagues especially around seasonal times of the year such as thanks giving, Christmas etc.

There are lots of companies that IDRsolutions admire for being able to work brilliantly as a team while also working remotely.

Balsamiq (

Balsamiq is a software company who help people create software and websites that are easier to use by using their rapid wireframe tool. They were founded in 2008 by Peldi and are still going strong in 2017.

They have a remote team who are based across the globe. Francesca who is a part of the marketing team at Balsamiq wrote a fantastic blog post about the pros and cons of working remotely.

Francesca’s pros included things like being able to keep your job but move anywhere in the world, no morning commute on the bus or the train and being able to wear super comfy clothes.

She also mentioned some of the less positive things of working remotely such as your teamwork being effective and how distracted you can sometimes get while you’re working from home.

Youcanbookme (

You can book me (YCBM) are a software company who help companies and teams manage their time better by using their online scheduling system. They were founded in 2011 by Bridget and Keith.

They have a mixture of people who work remotely and in their offices in Bedford (UK). Bridget wrote a fantastic blog article about whether remote working affects productivity.

Bridget discusses the tools her and her team use in order to make sure that every one is kept up to date with projects and how they use various tools to make sure they communicate effectively.

Close io ( are another software company who originally started out as a sales as a service company and have now developed their own CRM tool, which they themselves use to sell their own product. Jo Johansson wrote a brilliant blog article on how work as a remote team and the tools that they use, such as Snapchat, to be able communicate effectively.

Wildbit ( 

Wildbit believe that developers shouldn’t spend time in the weeds of process, infrastructure, and communication and they develop products that allow you to design, code, and ship brilliant software. Although Wildbit have their HQ in Philadelphia just under half of their team actually work remote. Wildbit as a company strive on making sure that they are a family rather then a company. Shane wrote a brilliant blog article on syncing company culture as a remote team. Shane discusses things such as their company retreats they go on together to receiving the latest Wildbit merch in the post.

What are your thoughts on remote working? Let us know in the comments.

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Sophia Howard Sophia Howard is part of the Marketing, Sales and Website development team at IDRsolutions

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