Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and a Java Champion. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days. She has a degree in English Literature.

3 reasons to attend Business of Software Europe 2018

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Last September I went to my first Business of Software conference in Boston. My colleagues said that once I had attended one event, I would want to go back and they were right! The best sales pitch for the event is to attend. On the website registration page, they even offer this guarantee.

If you attend and decide you did not get value they will refund your ticket price (NB: This does not apply to hotel nights).

I do not believe Mark Littlewood has ever been asked for a refund by an attendee after the event.

So this year I am going back again and I will be attending the European version in London. The conference takes place over 3 days in May and is an unmissable event in our calendar.

Here are 3 reasons why you should come too:

1. The talks

Scott Berkun
Scott Berkun speaking at BoS 2017

Business of Software always has a great line-up of inspiring speakers. Last year in Boston my personal favourites were Seth Godin and Scott Berkun.

The conference is single track, so there is no need to choose between different speakers. Everyone gets to see every talk. Not only does this mean there is no danger of missing out, but it also means you have a ready-made topic of conversation with whoever you are sitting next to at lunch.

There are also online ‘hangouts’ throughout the year where experts discuss anything from marketing to lean startups. There is also the opportunity to ask questions. This year there has already been a talk on marketing by Andrus Purdue and one by Jason Eckernorth about selling a business.

2. The new ideas

It is thanks to attending Business of Software that we use half the collaboration software we do. After seeing Steli speak we started using to help us keep track of sales leads, and Jason Fried persuaded us to give Basecamp a try. We also got some useful feedback on the designs for our new website (which has just gone live) in a workshop on website design.

You also get to hear how people run their businesses, and the chances are you will come across something while chatting in the corridors that you can take away and apply to your own business.

3. The networking

A big part of the conference is talking to the other attendees and the speakers themselves between talks. You will probably be reassured to find that there are other people who have faced the same problems that you have, and might know a solution.

Business of Software is one of the friendliest conferences to attend, and you actually get to speak to the majority of attendees. There is no special segregated lounge for speakers who tend to stay for the whole event so they can hang out with the attendees and listen to the other speakers. There are loads of amazing people with a wealth of experience to talk to and share ideas. At BoS, I am never worried about being the smartest person in the room, but imposter syndrome could be a concern.

While at the Boston conference we actually spoke to 2 of our clients who were also attending. It was a good way to catch up with them in person while we were actually on the same continent.

If you will be attending the conference, let us know in the comments or drop us a message on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and a Java Champion. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne/Code One, DevFest and NetBeans days. She has a degree in English Literature.

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