Daniel Warren Daniel is a Java Developer at IDRsolutions. He enjoys experimenting with different computer systems, cycling, and a variety of PC games.

4 reasons to go to Devoxx Belgium 2018

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Similar to previous years, I’m one of the lucky team members who will be heading to Antwerp for Devoxx Belgium in 2018. Devoxx has branched out quite a bit since it’s start, with Devoxx Ukraine being the latest addition. So following tradition, I’m here to point out the reasons on why you should go to Devoxx Belgium. This’ll be my first development oriented conference, so I’m excited to see what everyone has to say and what I can learn.

1. The variety of different talks

Devoxx has a wide range of different categories, with “Big data & Machine learning”, “Programming Languages”, “Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure” and many more. Every category also has many different people taking, each one will have their own subject to talk about. No matter what happens, there’ll be something that you will learn and take from this conference.

2. Speakers from companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Google

Devoxx has a wealth of speakers who come from various different companies, including some of the big companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Google. You can learn from what worked and failed for them and figure out what might work out for you. It might very well change your perspective on how somethings should be handled.

3. The great venue

As Devoxx in hosted at Kinepolis, one of the largest cinema complexes in Europe, you get a great experience with large screens and comfortable chairs. As the conference is full of different talks, one thing is certain in that you’ll likely be sitting down a fair bit, so why not have it be something comfortable? They also make the most of the facilities by showing a movie each year, this year everyone attending will be able to see “First Man” in one of the rooms!

4. A full schedule

Devoxx Belgium has an extremely full schedule of things to do, not including breakfast, 9:30 to 21:00 is full of things to do. As long as you’re willing, there will be something for you to see or do. If anything I would say the difficulty comes in deciding which ones you choose to go to, and which ones you may need to catch up with later on the Devoxx youtube chanel.

Devoxx has plenty of over reasons for you to go visit, but these are the reasons I’m attending. If you think I’ve missed any key reasons I would love to hear what you think should be included on this list, just let me know in the comments down below.

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Daniel Warren Daniel is a Java Developer at IDRsolutions. He enjoys experimenting with different computer systems, cycling, and a variety of PC games.

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