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Java 8 Articles – Series Index

Java 8 has been out for some time now and here at IDRsolutions we have been busy updating our software with Java 8 features....
Bethan Palmer
25 sec read

Onwards and upwards: Introducing JPedal 7 and moving to…

Currently at IDRsolutions we are dreaming up some big innovations to add to our products in the coming year. With that in mind we have...
Georgia Ingham
1 min read

Java 8 Optional Explained in 5 minutes

In my previous Java 8 series articles, we discussed Lambda Expression, Streams API, Default Methods and Method References., Repeating Annotations and Consumer Supplier. This...
Ernest Duodu
2 min read

Java 8 Consumer Supplier Explained in 5 minutes

At IDR Solutions we use Java 8 for the development of our products (a Java PDF Viewer and SDK, PDF to HTML5 converter and a Java ImageIO replacement). In my...
Ernest Duodu
1 min read

Java 8 Repeating Annotation Explained in 5 minutes

At IDRSolutions, I have been working on our new JavaFX PDF viewer implementation. In doing so , I have been taking advantage of the new features...
Ernest Duodu
1 min read