Customer Review – How LabBest uses JPedal to handle and present PDF documents

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In a change from the usual blog posts, today we have a guest blog post from Jan Fridén, a Medical Doctor and inventor of LabBest ( LabBest is a Java system for all preorders, orders and replies in healthcare, many thanks to Jan for sharing his experience of working with PDF files in Java.

LabestlogoSahlgrens University Hospital, Gothenburg Sweden, is one of the major hospitals in Europe. In close collaboration with the hospital, and free of charge, the company CareDialog AB develops the Java-based system LabBest with Central Registry (CR)-module (Central Registery uses MySQL and more information can be found here).

LabbestThe system, stand-alone or integrated with an EMR (Electronic Medical Record), can handle all types of preorders, orders and replies for all disciplines in healthcare. It is in extensive use; more than 15 000 registered users, 1 million patients and 50 million results.


Many replies are delivered and stored in CR as PDF-documents. Replies can also be stored as a direct link to information stored in another system.

For handling and presentation of these documents the JPedal Java PDF Library is of great use. The system can also handle preorders/orders as PDF-forms which can be stored and later be complemented/corrected before sending. Even the reply can be stored in the same document. For these forms JPedal together with iText has done an excellent job.

For more information you can check out the Swedish sites; and

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