Bethan is a Java developer at IDR Solutions and was a speaker at JavaOne 2016. She has a degree in English Literature and in her spare time enjoys sports including running and handball.

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Moving on to Java 9

Last week we published a blog post discussing our move to Java 8 in April 2017 on all our products. Until then we have tests in place to ensure that our code runs on Java 6, but after this point we will be making use of Java 8 features (especially Lambda and default methods). Looking…

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Price comparison of 5 Cloud Platforms

Over the past few months we have published several articles which show you how to use various cloud platforms with the NetBeans IDE. We covered a broad spectrum on How to use Layershift Jelastic Cloud, Oracle Java Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift and AWS (Amazon Web Service). We also compared Performance between the…

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