Bethan Palmer Bethan is a Java developer and product manager for JPedal at IDRsolutions. She has spoken at conferences including JavaOne and NetBeans day and has a degree in English Literature.


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The 4 tools we chose to give our customers better service in 2017

This year at IDRsolutions we have been looking for ways we can improve our customer service. One of our key objectives was to standardise how...
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How we use Basecamp to manage and communicate

This week we have a new team member joining us at IDRsolutions. One of the first things we needed to explain to him was...
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How we have used to improve our sales operation

This year at IDRsolutions we decided that we wanted to improve our sales operation. Our aims were to: make it easier for potential customers...
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3 reasons we will be attending DevFest Istanbul 2017

This October will be my first time attending the DevFest conference in Istanbul. IDRsolutions have attended this conference three times before so I have an idea...
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Java 9 Articles – Series Index

The General Availability release for Java 9 is out now… Here at IDRsolutions we have busy been researching and testing all the key new...
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