Chris Wade Chris developed much of the Forms handling code and also the hooks for the XFA.


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Displaying PDF ‘readonly’ text fields in Java

This article follows on from previous blog What are PDF ‘readonly’ text fields? In that article I ¬†introduced ReadOnly text fields and explained that...
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What are PDF ‘readonly’ text fields?

Once you start to explore the PDF file format you will find out something called ‘ReadOnly’ Text Fields. So what exactly are they and...
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The mystery behind PDF form names

We have found PDF form names can be a little confusing, so it seemed like a good topic for a blog article. “The Form...
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Using Transforms to Convert PDF Co-ordinates to JAVA co-ordinates

I was fixing a display issue in our PDF JAVA renderer the other day and thought you might like to understand more about the...
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Java ME vs Java SE – a few thoughts

I have been doing a lot of work to create a JavaME version of our JPedal PDF viewer, so I thought some observations might...
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