Ernest Duodu

  Ernest is a developer at IDRSolutions. He focuses mainly on our JavaFX PDF Viewer implementation. He was a speaker at JavaOne 2014, where he did a joint session titled "Lessons learnt developing a NetBeans PDF viewer plugin in JavaFX". Aside programming, he also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies which includes sky-diving, photography, exercising and listening to music.


23 Stories by Ernest Duodu

My First 3 Days overview of JavaOne 2014

This year’s JavaOne is my first time attending a conference on a vast scale. I have attended many conferences in the UK but none...
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JavaOne NetBeans Party 2014

To kick off the JavaOne conference this year was a great party by the NetBeans team held at the famous Johnny Foleys’s Irish pub in San...
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5 talks to Attend at JavaOne 2014

I can’t wait to attend my first JavaOne as it is the biggest Java conference on the planet. As a Java programmer, I am...
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