Georgia Ingham


Georgia is a Java Developer at IDRSolutions and mainly works on maintaining and improving the core product code. Her hobbies include reading, completing puzzle books and cycling.


35 Stories by Georgia Ingham

4 things I did to prepare for Business of Software 2016

If you have been keeping up to date with our blogs then you will know from Sophia’s post last week (3 Reasons I’m looking...
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How to setup the Red Hat OpenShift cloud

Whilst busy working away on various software at IDR Solutions it occurred to me that it hass been a while since I wrote another...
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Onwards and upwards: Introducing JPedal 7 and moving to Java 8 in 2017

Currently at IDRsolutions we are dreaming up some big innovations to add to our products in the coming year. With that in mind we have...
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To WebP or not to WebP. That is the question.

Currently at IDRsolutions we are adding support for a new image format (WebP) to JDeli our Java image library, and so I decided to...
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Different commands to filter text files

At IDR Solutions this year, we have been looking into profiling our code using the Java JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler’s inlining functionality. This provided us with...
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