Kieran France

Kieran France is a programmer for IDRSolutions. He enjoys tinkering with most things including gadgets, code and electronics. He spends his time working on the the JPedal library and our internal test suite..


75 Stories by Kieran France

Starting With GlassFish – Part 2, The Web Page

This is part 2 in this series of blog articles. To read part 1 to learn about the code, please click here. I have...
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Starting with GlassFish – Part 1, The Code

I have recently begun experiements with glassfish with the idea of creating a few web pages that use glassfish to call some of jPedals...
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Space: the final frontier… in PDF

Space: The final frontier These are the challenges of the IDRSolutions team Its 12 year mission To explore strange specification interpretations To seek out...
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Fest For Beginners – Testing Yourself

By this point you should be able to set up Fest, open your application and access the various components on your user interface. If...
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Fest For Beginners – Expanding on the Basics

Now that you have the basics of how to set up Fest with your program I should explain more indepth about how Fest can...
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