Kieran France Kieran France is a programmer for IDRSolutions. He enjoys tinkering with most things including gadgets, code and electronics. He spends his time working on the the JPedal library and our internal test suite..


77 Stories by Kieran France

Fest For Beginners – Testing Yourself

By this point you should be able to set up Fest, open your application and access the various components on your user interface. If...
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Fest For Beginners – Expanding on the Basics

Now that you have the basics of how to set up Fest with your program I should explain more indepth about how Fest can...
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Fest For Beginners – Initial Concepts

What is Fest Recently I have improved the highlighting of PDF files in our Java PDF viewer. With this  improvement I have had to...
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Search PDF Files With Regular Expressions – Customizing Your Search of PDF files

With our update to the pdf search code we now route all our search functionality through the Java regular expressions engine. This has allowed...
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Search PDF Files With Regular Expressions – Searching With Regular Expressions

Recently our search code has undergone a major update to give you greater control over what text you can find. We have now made...
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