Kieran France Kieran France is a programmer for IDRSolutions in charge of there internal test suite. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with gadgets and code.


80 Stories by Kieran France

Starting With GlassFish – Part 2, The Web Page

This is part 2 in this series of blog articles. To read part 1 to learn about the code, please click here. I have...
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Starting with GlassFish – Part 1, The Code

I have recently begun experiements with glassfish with the idea of creating a few web pages that use glassfish to call some of jPedals...
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Space: the final frontier… in PDF

Space: The final frontier These are the challenges of the IDRSolutions team Its 12 year mission To explore strange specification interpretations To seek out...
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Fest For Beginners – Testing Yourself

By this point you should be able to set up Fest, open your application and access the various components on your user interface. If...
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Fest For Beginners – Expanding on the Basics

Now that you have the basics of how to set up Fest with your program I should explain more indepth about how Fest can...
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