Kieran France Kieran France is a programmer for IDRSolutions. He enjoys tinkering with most things including gadgets, code and electronics. He spends his time working on the the JPedal library and our internal test suite..


77 Stories by Kieran France

The 4 steps to bringing a newbie up to speed.

We have some new developers starting in August and swapping around some roles. We encourage multiple members of the team to work on each...
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Interviews – 4 suggestions from the other side of the table

Recently I have been helping with some interviews for a new Java Developer at IDRsolutions and found that sitting on the other side of...
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Java Internationalization, it’s too easy not to do it.

One of my favourite features is how easy Java makes a number of tasks – so that I can focus on the hardcore coding...
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3 ways to search PDF files

Like Acrobat, JPedal has three different ways of searching PDF files. 1 Through the menu bar. 2.Through a external window. 3.Through a tab on...
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4 ways to let go – Knowing how and when to Deprecate methods

In the interest of improving usability and maintainability of our PDF search code I have recently been creating a single PDF search method to...
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