Kieran France is a programmer for IDRSolutions. He enjoys tinkering with most things including gadgets, code and electronics. He often has no idea what to write in his blog posts but tries his hardest to make them interesting and entertaining, he also makes no excuses for his odd sense of humor.

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Punctuation ?

So what is punctuation? This may seem like a simple question yet I find myself asking it more and more often whilst working on our pdf search and text extraction. So once again today I found myself asking this same question. What is punctuation? According to punctution is, “The practice or system of using…

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Using Java Page co-ordinates

We make extensive use of Java Page co-ordinates in JPedal, which we convert both into PDF co-ordinates and also relative offsets. I have been changing this code recently and it has been anything but straight-forward so I have recorded my experiences. I hope you find them helpful. With the expansion of the search functionality to…

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