Lyndon Armitage Lyndon is a general Developer. He has a keen interest in AI and Games Programming and runs a blog that he periodically updates.


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How to use Jemmy with JUnit in NetBeans

We are always constantly looking to improve and refine our testing. Currently we are looking into improving our tests for forms in our PDF...
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JavaScript in PDF to HTML5 Conversion: The Event Object

Previously I mentioned that a key component in understanding JavaScript in PDFs was understanding how events work, in this blog article I will go...
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JavaScript in PDF to HTML5 Conversion: Introduction

Recently we have begun development on converting the JavaScript contained within PDFs to JavaScript that can be used by any browser browsing the HTML5...
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Find out what’s really inside your PDF files

If you’ve ever opened up PDF in a text editor you will know how difficult it can be to discern what is going on...
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NetBeans & Project Easel for easy HTML5 debugging

The beta for NetBeans 7.3 is out and with it comes Project Easel. Easel makes debugging HTML5 projects very easy. If you have ever...
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