Madalena is part of the Marketing and Sales team at IDRsolutions.She enjoys creating and managing content for social media platforms and film.


9 Stories by Madalena

The Highlights of 2019 for IDRsolutions

2019 marks several important milestones for IDRsolutions – from major new product features and improvements, attending conferences where we were able to meet great...
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How to set up PDF to HTML5 conversion to the Cloud

One of the big themes of 2019 was running software in the Cloud using technologies such as Docker. The most commonly asked support question...
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What I am expecting from my first Business of Software

It has almost become a tradition here at IDRsolutions to attend the Business of Software conferences: whether it is in Boston or Cambridge, we...
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What is new in Java 13?

Java 13 brings some big improvements to the way you can write Java code. Here at IDRsolutions we always like to research and test the...
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