Mark Stephens has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and has diversified into HTML5, SVG and JavaFX.

He also enjoys speaking at conferences and has been a Speaker at user groups, Business of Software, Seybold and JavaOne conferences. He has a very dry sense of humor and an MA in Medieval History for which he has not yet found a practical use.

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Java Memory leaks with FileChannel

It is a myth that Java has no ‘memory leaks’. It is certainly much better than developing in C and many of the gotchas do not exist in Java. But there are still potential memory issues in Java. For example, we have been looking at using FileChannel. This allows the developer to have only part…

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Saving Java images as Tifs wth JAI

Java makes it very easy to create images as BufferedImages which  can then be saved out in standard image file formats. Here is the code to save an image as a Tif image using the JAI image (a free library from Sun). params = new; FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(outputDir + imageName+”.tif”);“encode”,…

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An Introduction to PDF Font Technologies

PDF Font Technologies The thing which makes PDF fonts so confusing for many people is the number of different font technologies which can be used in a PDF file. The PDF file specification has been around for 16 years and in that time a number of different font technologies have appeared (as much for ‘business’ as…

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Problems editing PDF files

In a previous article, I wrote about the problems with editing the text in PDF files. PDF files are very different from other file formats such as Word or OpenOffice which stored the data as a set of objects which are then rendered as needed. The PDF file format were really designed for end file…

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Introductory PDF font tutorial

PDF Font Tutorial PDF fonts is a tricky subject and one we frequently get asked about. So I will be writing a set of articles to try and make some sense of the subject. I hope they prove useful and if you have any specific questions, please send me a question and I will make…

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