Mark Stephens Mark Stephens has been working with Java and PDF since 1999 and has diversified into HTML5, SVG and JavaFX. He also enjoys speaking at conferences and has been a Speaker at user groups, Business of Software, Seybold and JavaOne conferences. He has a very dry sense of humor and an MA in Medieval History for which he has not yet found a practical use.


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BufferedImage raster data in Java

Most of the time, the abstraction you get in Java is brilliant. It hides the complexity and lets you get on with real-life problem...
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New fogbugz release

We use fogbugz internally for our forums and internal issue tracking. If you send us an email or a question it usually ends up...
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Learning about PDF

The PDF file format is very useful and well-documented, but it is also quite complicated and it does not work how most people imagine....
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Holidays are not about ‘not working’

When I was younger I used to do a lot of athletics (I was quite reasonable over 400 metres) and our training group used...
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PDF to image quality

The PDF file format was designed as much as possible to be Vector graphics. The problem with bitmaps and pixels is that pixels can...
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